Weekly summary @buildteam team delivering the best for everyone.

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Weekly summary @buildteam team delivering the best for everyone.

We must always keep everyone in the community up to date and for this reason from now on we will deliver a weekly summary of the proposals or improvements made by Buildteam for the benefit of all of us who are part of this community so we can keep active the different publications that we do constantly, in this summary you can find direct links to these publications.

Post Link Estamos buscando Desarrollador.

Siempre tratado de ofrecer mejor oportunidades y estamos claros que el idioma no es una barrera también tratamos de llegar a la comunidad que habla español en la búsqueda de un desarrollador.

Si eres desarrollados te invito a visitar esa publicación.

Always trying to offer better opportunities and we are clear that language is not a barrier we also try to reach the Spanish speaking community in search of a developer.
If you are developed I invite you to visit that publication.

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Post Link It's time to lease some STEEM POWER!

These opportunities are those that we must take advantage of at the moment the changes within the platform the #Newsteem brought some improvements that benefit us all from the point of curation but if you cannot perform manual curation you should only rent your own SP

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Post Link Recordatorio: Debes activar los retiros automáticos.

Esta publicación también se debió hacer la traducción al español para que muchos usuarios se den por enterado y de forma manual puedan activar sus retiros.

Debido a nuestros cambios recientes que introdujeron una tarifa enviada a @null, la función de retiro automático en minnowbooster.net había sido desactivada para todos hasta que se reactivara manualmente.

This publication also had to be translated into Spanish so that many users are aware and can manually activate their withdrawals.

Due to our recent changes that introduced a fee sent to @null, the automatic withdrawal feature on minnowbooster.net had been disabled for everyone until manually reactivated.

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Post Link Update on GINAbot new Web Portal development - 2019-10-29

GINAbot - Post watch rule form

This publication deals with the update that our friend @quochuy he carries out every week, delivering the great advances he has made in the update of GINAbot.

We are getting close to finishing all those forms for adding new rules. I think there is something like 12 forms left to be built. After that it is a phase of reviewing from the team and then connect the forms to the backend API.

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All images are screenshots of the different publications mentioned in this summary.

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