Weekly summary @buildteam team.

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Weekly summary @buildteam team delivering the best for everyone.

We must always keep everyone in the community up to date and for this reason from now on we will deliver a weekly summary of the proposals or improvements made by Buildteam for the benefit of all of us who are part of this community so we can keep active the different publications that we do constantly, in this summary you can find direct links to these publications.

Post Link New Decentralized Court System Being Established

Pixabay image

Governance is a big issue within the world of cryptocurrency. It is a topic being discussed throughout the community. Different models are being tried in an effort to improve upon the existing system that is in place.

Across the decentralized space, we see a challenge arising. How do you settle disputes that span national boundaries and operate solely in the physical world? This is proving to be a challenge.

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Post Link El futuro de Telegram con blockchain TON y su criptomoneda Grams

Recientemente en el blog de Telegram realizo un aviso público sobre TON Blockchain y Grams, allí mencionan que desde el 2017 el equipo de Telegram ha estado desarrollando una nueva plataforma blockchain llamada TON Blockchain y una criptomoneda nativa llamada Grams.

A partir de esa fecha han existido muchas especulaciones al respecto de su lanzamiento, al punto que salieron informaciones falsas de su lanzamiento así como también la oferta de venta de las criptomoneda. Ellos en ese comunicado dejan bien claro que por parte del equipo de Telegram no ha salido ningún tipo de noticias referentes.

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Post Link John McAfee Reverses Course On His $1 Million Bitcoin Price Prediction


To say that John McAfee is a unique character is an understatement.

He made millions being one of the earliest cybersecurity experts in the world. Even today, his McAfee software protects hundreds of millions of computers globally.

His support of cryptocurrency is equally well known. He claims to be staging a run for President of the United States while in exile for tax evasion from the same country. The reason behind this is not to win but to get publicity for cryptocurrency and help promote the idea of decentralization.

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Post Link Argentinians Using Bitcoin To Get Around The Government


Bitcoin is a nationless, borderless currency that is transparent and immutable. It cannot be controlled by any single nation nor can it be banned. Governments of the world are finding this to be a major problem.

One such government is Argentina.

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Post Link State Street Entering The Crypto Market


State Street is one of the world's largest banks. It has over $30 trillion in assets under custody and almost $3 trillion in assets under management.

That is why its entry into the cryptocurrency world is a big deal.

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All images are screenshots of the different publications mentioned in this summary.

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Thanks for sharing this update @lanzjoseg

I'm glad to see that @buildteam is still moving forward and progressing step by step. I'm just surprissed that they didn't post anything in over 3 months - it does make it look like this project is dead already :(

Yours, Piotr

No nothing is dead, we are still working on Dlease and Ginabot, the low Steem price doesn't give us much to work with to pay developers for upgrades so new features are slower than we would hope, all services still working and being maintained. just not much to report. My goal now is to fix SBD and the Steem price with my various proposals and then BuildTeam can thrive in a more stable economy.

Could you please spare few minutes of your time and have a look at this discussion/proposal that I'm brainstorming with few other guys from "project HOPE"?

Perhaps you would find it worth to join our curation trail. Generally idea is to create a "trigger", which would allow people to join curation trail with their upvote before strong one (300k SP) upvote would follow.
Link: https://steemit.com/steemit/@coach.piotr/project-hope-and-curation-trail-on-steemauto-com-brainstorming

Perhaps we could find ways for our projects to collaborate and help each other.