BuildTeam realises cost savings with MIRA infrastructure

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The STEEM price has been dropping for a while, but that is not a reason to despair. As long as we're all sticking around and keep working to improve the ecosystem and available DApps, there's always hope for better days and another bull run.

Until then, it's necessary to save money wherever possible.

Those of you who have our BUILDTEAM token staked might have noticed that the STEEM payouts dropped over time, despite the BuildTeam universe flourishing and growing. This drop is directly tied to the STEEM price.

Payouts to token-holders happen after we've paid off the running costs for the BuildTeam infrastructure.

To reduce the impact of the currently low price, we've looked at all of our expenses in detail and put a lot of energy and time towards reducing cost as much as possible.

Without having official headquarters and all our developers working remotely, those savings couldn't come from rent or utilities. Instead, we removed GitHub spots of developers with low or no activity, cancelled low usage G-Suite accounts, and updated our servers.

The last improvement was only possible thanks to MIRA and Hivemind, which lowered the RAM requirements for servers running STEEM nodes.

The change enabled us to run our RPC nodes at a lower cost with the same performance because servers with high memory are very expensive.

Even under heavy load (for our purposes), RAM usage is now at 10 GB/64 GB on both Hivemind servers.

Below is a comparison between our old and our new servers:

Old servers:

$244.58 each per month x 2

320 GB of memory usage (256 GB RAM, rest on swap)

New servers:

$75 each per month x 2


Cost savings should kick in by next month and we hope that our actions will allow us to balance out the lower STEEM price, until it reaches higher values again.

Our goal is to still provide reliable STEEM payouts every two weeks to everyone who has staked the BUILDTEAM token.

Thank you for trusting us!

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I had noticed the reduction in payout but knew that the efforts continue to maximize results. I appreciate the transparency in disclosing the great progress in these efforts. I believe the continually investment will create a solid foundation to build upon when things improve. Looking forward to the future with team as I look to get some more tokens as well; any update as to staking on the Steem Engine token? Thanks!

Yes the decline in the Steem price really helped us take the plunge to tighten our belts since our costs are in USD, the optimisations will only strengthen our foundation for future. We still have some final billings coming through this month, hopefully the full benefits will be felt in September if the Steem price doesn't drop further.

I would say end of September being the earliest for Steem Engine staking, we are waiting for our CFO to come back from vacay, he is also the dev behind the token functions.

+1, 👍

Always happy to hear that the build team is working hard and that the amount of payouts will rise. I had noticed the drop and the clarification helps build confidence

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Thanks for the feedback, we will also have a post coming out on Monday with a break down of the distribution, we will do so twice per month.

Hi @buildteam

Wow This information is great news, in addition the performance with the cost value is not lost.

It is positive to have information that everything will be better in our beloved steem platform and that teams like you keep working hard. Good vibes.

Dear @buildteam

I love your optimism guys. And you managed to cut costs quite well. Inspiring.

Cost savings should kick in by next month and we hope that our actions will allow us to balance out the lower STEEM price, until it reaches higher values again.

I thought about idea of launching token on Steem-engine vs SMT and I presume you guys have more knowledge in that subject. So perhaps you can correct me if I'm wrong.

My impression is that all tokens build on SE would suffer because of steady STEEM selling pressure and SMTs would be the only solution allowing tokens to be fully "disconnected" from that problem. Is that correct?


I don't understand this sentence:

My impression is that all tokens build on SE would suffer because of steady STEEM selling pressure and SMTs would be the only solution allowing tokens to be fully "disconnected" from that problem. Is that correct?

Steem Engine is already disconnected and perhaps more so, Steem Engine is a completely different side chain and even has deposit and withdrawl on/off ramps to other coins such as EOS, so Steem Engine is infact less connected to Steem as far as I understand it. SMT's will be directly on the Steem blockchain and can be listed on any exchange that lists Steem.

some more ideas to cut costs

  • replace github with gitlab
  • replace g-suite with (bonus decentralized + blockchain secured)

At a stage that we utilize Github, gitlab would cost similar amounts and does not have the ecosystem benefits of Github.

Not sure I heard about blockstack before, does it have a google drive equivalent and handles email and analytics and all that team stuff?

you can selfhost gitlab, how does this cost similar to github? especially for a small team

blockstack eco has a solution for every single need.

Self hosting puts the risk of securing everything and maintaining everything onto one server that we own, so I rather have the replication model github uses and their opsec team working to ensure our code is not lost 😅

Do you have a link where I can read about that? The blockstack website makes it look like an sso scheme without all the services.

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