Tales from the furnace + wiring up led lights

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So i wanted to achieve 2 things today.

1 Melt some Gold & Silver
2 Wire up my display cases with lights

With my new 2kg crucible arriving on Saturday, today is the first day i have had a chance to melt some silver to cast a new silver bullet, it was made using left over and scrap silver jewellery.

I used a replica 228 round using delft clay to cast the bullet.
It weighs in at exactly 27g and is sterling silver so 92.5% silver.


With the silver casting done i decided to melt down the leftover gold i had from when i made my viking torc, i achieved this little button by just letting it melt and then turning off the furnace as it always makes a nice round button.

It weighs 5.8g and it is 9ct gold which is 37.5% gold.


The other task i had was to wire led strip lights into my display cases for my market stall as this time of year it is a bit dim and hopefully it will help me gain some sales


As you can see it does make the cases a bit brighter. They run off a 12v battery and with a bit of luck will run all day.


The lighting make it look better. The coin show I attend just use those Luxo lamps that shine in from the outside. 🔦 Often leaving the corners in the shadows.

Problem is i am outdoors and everything has to run off a 12v car battery

The lightning really makes the coins pop!!
Good luck on your sales!👍😊

Nice case setup @monsterjamgold!

I also built the cases, i have had them for 2 years now

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