@Build-It Contest: Building a Home Inverter (DIY)

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Inverter is an electronic device that converts DC current to AC current. For this, circuits are made by adding some electronic components to perform the inversion process.

Inverter is used in most places today. We need to buy Inverter after getting annoyed with the problem of light going off repeatedly in my home town. If we do some important work and we need light, then our work is not completed on time due to lack of power. Hence we have to buy Inverter compulsorily.

What is Inverter

The circuitry in the Inverter converts Ac (Alternating Current) to DC (Direct Current) and this charges the battery. And then converts this battery DC Voltage to AC Voltage. With which we can run our home electric devices.

As long as your Main Supply is on, the Battery Charge of the Inverter continues. Bypassing the inverter main switch gives direct output. Due to which the DC to AC converter of the inverter cannot work and as soon as the main switch of the inverter is closed, it takes power from the battery. And converts it to DC to AC.

Inverter can be one-phase or triphasic. Their output can be sine-wave or square-wave.

Today I will tell you here how I made a simple 12 volt battery inverter so that I can run small devices in my home such as CFLs, Tube Lights etc.

My Simple Inverter working project

Friends, for this, I had to buy a circuit from a market that converts AC to DC. No need for a big battery for this, a small 12 volts battery which can be placed on the top of the circuit is enough. The circuit has one input and one output port. When we apply a voltage of 12 v to 18 v DC at the input, we get a 220 Volt AC output.


How does the circuit work

Friends, there are two transistors inside this circuit which switch very fast among themselves. That is, the on-off current is turned off, the supply from this transistor goes directly to a small transformer which is a step up transformer having a step up winding .

12v to 220 v Inverter

It generates a high voltage of around 220 volts across the capacitors present in circuit. The capacitors store this voltage and when we connect a home appliance to the output, it switches on.


I am planning to build a solar inverter shortly. Solar inverter is different from a normal inverter and its way of working is also different. It is charged with the main supply of our home and the rays of the sun and it costs more. This inverter is charged with solar power, man supply That is, it has more features than normal inverters.

As long as it keeps the man supply closed, it will continue to get power from the solar panel, but when there is not much power in the solar panel, then it starts charging from the main supply, like in the rainy season or in the case of dust on the solar panel.

Till then my small battery based inverter is with me and working.

So friends, I hope you like this small project. Please comment your thoughts.

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