Not every project is a complete success but here is my bottle opener refurb


So i had a few spare hours today and i decided to refurbish my Budweiser bottle opener.


As you can see the keyring was originally chrome and it has started pitting so i need to prep it for paint.


First step was to take my sanding block and sand all the high points making it smooth.


As you can see the high points have gone and it looks a bit sad.


Next step was to take some wire and thread and tie it off for painting.


A bit of a cheat before priming is to warm the metal up with a blow torch as it really helps, i only used a grey primer.


Next i sprayed a coat of white gloss, the primer was semi hardened and when it is like this doesnt need keyinģ again.


I used masking tape on the centre and this is where i messed up but more about this later on.


I sprayed a coat of signal red and let it dry for an hour.


This is where i messed up earlier as the white paint coat had not hardened enough, so when i took off the masking tape the white paint also came away.


I will wait until the paint fully hardens and i will rub the paint down and have a little more patience as it is required when dealing with spray paints.


Update; i decided instead of repainting it, i decided to stress the paint to make it look old and to be fair i like how it looks

I thought all beer bottles have the twist off caps now a days. ..oh this was before the Twisty.

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