The BuildTeam and SteemSTEM Curation Cooperation

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As announced almost two weeks ago, @buildteam has entered into a curation cooperation with @steemstem. To give you an idea what this cooperation looks like, we are giving you an overview.

What is SteemSTEM and why did we choose it?

SteemSTEM is a community that has been around on Steem for about 3 years, and rewards excellent STEM content, which his not just science but also technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The goal is to improve the quality of STEM content on the Steem blockchain and, in their words, "increase the usage of the Steem blockchain for science communication".

A flourishing STEM community consisting of not just experts but also people just generally interested in the subjects has the potential to draw more eyes to Steem, and give it an edge over other social networks.

SteemSTEM has an experienced curation team which is overseen by the SteemSTEM managers @lemouth and @mobbs. In addition to that, there are the "honour members", which act as mentors, plagiarism finders, and generally, help facilitate positive community interaction.

According to the SteemSTEM Distilled (a weekly curation report) posted on the 17th of September, SteemSTEM supported that week 57 posts written by 30 authors.

On top of all of this, SteemSTEM has its own Steem user interface that, instead of being a Steemit clone, has been crafted to serve the community's needs.

BuildTeam considers SteemSTEM a valuable part of the Steem ecosystem, which is why we picked this specific curation initiative to support.

What does the support look like?

Due to decreased bot-based post promotion, the voting power of the @minnowbooster account tends to sit at 100% a lot. To avoid wasting votes, @minnowbooster votes on all posts voted by SteemSTEM.

The voting strength is subject to change (as @minnowbooster will not use all available voting power on curation). It started out as a 10% vote, and has been increased to 25%.

If a post has been chosen by the SteemSTEM curators and voted by the @steemstem account, you will see this comment:

Is it possible to join Cooperation?

If you are also interested in supporting high-quality STEM content on the Steem blockchain, you can simply trail the @steemstem account with your vote.

An easy way to do that is to sign up for Steemvoter and create your own trail, or to join the Steemvoter SteemSTEM guild.

This way, you won't miss out on any voted posts!

And if you want to see what SteemSTEM is curating, you can check out the "#curation-feed" channel on the SteemSTEM discord server. Link dropping there is not possible, but you'll see the curation process live.

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The platform looks really nice. Would Linux based tutorial articles be welcome on the platform?

I am beyond discouraged with Steem, and do not see the sense in spending copious amounts of time creating anymore articles which require time and effort. For example, in my almost two years on this blockchain, I have never once seen a vote from any of the top 15 voters on this publication.

If the answer is yes, can I expect support? I'm really pleased with much of what I am seeing, but it's as if I'm just sitting on the sidelines cheering everyone on while my account continues to go on ignored. Keep it real, tell me to fuck off if you must, but I can't fathom creating Steem articles anymore for 50 cents a post, and I will be damned if I am going to be paid 50 cents for articles that are going to take me 3-5 hours or more. It's just not happening anymore.

Hi, I can't speak for SteemSTEM but will pass on your query to them. I would guess Linux counts as part of STEM learning. Have you done such articles before that you can link me for reference?

Don't feel too bad, you seem to have received a vote from OCD curators 25 days ago that took your post to $30, my suggestion to you is give commenting a go, support content of others with meaningful discussion on their posts, you may get some votes for writing a few meaningful sentences. Yes by all means try write some linux tutorials on Steemstem, also try interfaces like also we need some people to bring forum to life with short commentary, I vote those myself with 50 to 80 cents for just engaging in short-form sports banter.

Hi @thecryptodrive,

I appreciate the kind response and support.

I've not written any Linux based tutorials yet, but early in my blogging I did write an article expressing some overall thoughts with security and troubleshooting. My idea (since I still have much to learn), is to create walk through tutorials with sceen shots.

An example might be:
How to install GIMP Via PPA
How to install Raspbian on RPI Without NOOBS

Here is an example of my writing regarding Linux, but it was quite some time ago, and I do believe my blogging has drastically improved since.

Thanks again!

That could work I really like the raspberry pi angle, maybe do articles on various addons you can get for raspi and what sort of IOT stuff you can do. Also add a video walkthrough and cross post on 3speak and dtube, the biggest hurdle for curators is how to know the tutorial wasn't ripped from the web and passed as your own, if you add a video with a voice narrative it personalises it somewhat and let's you get video exposure on those two platforms, just an idea, you don't have to.

Do you have much experience with using raspi for various things?

Yes I love the Raspberry Pi, and own an RPI 3. I've done some work with OSMC, Retropie, Emulationstation, Raspbian lite, a bit of voltage tweaking, SSH, Remote access file transfer, utilizing as a filehosting server, and a few other things. I love it.

I'm not great at talk through videos, because I tend to be overly descriptive, and videos end up taking an hour, but it's understandable that the community is worried about plagiarism. I've been on the network for almost two years, and would like to believe I have earned some reputation here, but you can never be too careful right?

I worked as a curator for OCD in the past, as well as Helpie. I no longer work for those teams, because I took on too much for myself. Perhaps that is why I don't see any support from them, but part of my job was to help combat plagiarism. (EDIT poor choice of words, those teams exercise a great deal of diligence to not vote plagiarized content, although I think OCD does combat it now) Enough inspection on my blog, I think it's inherently obvious that I do not plagiarize.

Oh cool I have an idea for a raspi project not steem related, would like to chat to you on Discord in DM, what is your full discord handle?

Sure @thecryptodrive! Feel free to contact me on discord :) futuremind#5073

Of course, it belongs to the area of technology, as lemouth mentions it all depends on the content you are welcome @futuremind and do not be discouraged good things are coming soon.

Thank you @carloserp-2000,
I appreciate you guys taking the time to respond and laying out some basic conceptual guidelines, as well as the encouragement.
Very much appreciated. The steemstem frontend looks amazing :)
I'm looking forward to becoming a contributor. I will do my best!

In principle, steemstem supports such tutorial to some extent. However, the definite answer depends on the tutorial itself (how it is written, documented, referenced, etc.). The short answer is this that our curators will have a look. Now, concerning the size of the support (and if there will be any support at all), I cannot tell without seeing a post.

You can always contact the SteemSTEM Honour Members on Discord if you want some help to make the post fitting the SteemSTEM guidelines better.

I hope this helps!

Yes, this makes sense that support would be on the basis of the overall quality of writing and referencing.
I appreciate the response and links. I'll be sure to study the guidelines and join the discord.
Thank you for taking the time to offer some guidance in the right direction! :)

You are welcome! See you on discord (or Steem chat actually)!

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The steeSTEM project deserves all possible support since it has been growing for three years and contributing positively to the ecosystem ... thank you very much for your great support this is wonderful @btuniverse

Yes it is one of the oldest communities on Steem, they deserve support.

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hi @btuniverse

That comment by SteemSTEM does look a bit big and "spammy". Wouldn't it be better to leave short comments the way SmartSteem does?

Good luck to all of you guys,

SteemSTEM's comment is their choice, we're only supporting their curation. They've used this comment for a long time before we started our support.