Tree Tuesday ~ No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service...Except Hobbits ~

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Yes Timmy, The Test Will Be Multiple Choice

Bilbo Is Out To Lunch

"Baggins's likes to eat breakfast late, doesn't Baggins's? My precious. Breakfast after eleven, oh, precious." And who of this planet doesn't enjoy such fare? No matter HOW big and/or hairy your feet might be.

While eating a late-morning brunch recently with a friend in the outdoor area of this eatery, I noticed a very odd Hobbit tree. Just sitting in the center of the court, minding it's own, very slow-moving business. ("How could you miss it, DD"?) OK, yes, it was rather obvious. And cool, in an odd, Middle-earth sort of way. And an interesting natural attraction for we outdoor diners of regular, everyday morning-earth.

~ § ~

But What Does It All Mean?

I have absolutely no idea what the significance of this tree might be. And since this is an 'order it at the counter, pick it up yourself, then walk outside and eat it ' place, I didn't have a chance to ask the waiter/waitress what the tree scoop was. As there weren't any to ask. But no worries, I can make a bunch of stuff up, if it will make everyone feel better. So, here goes.


  1. A chiminea tree, for lighting candles within at night. The smoke, heat, fire and stuff all go out the top 'chimney' part. That's why it's all black at the top.
  2. Just that kind of tree. They grow here. Short, chunky and tufty at the top. With very geometric holes in the side. And no bark. Or leaves.
  3. A 'Cubby' Tree. They grow naturally here too. Complete with little 'window' cubby holes, to hold your purse, car keys, bum bag, coat, miniature dog, or other valuables during brunch.
  4. The end result of very artistic, highly mathematical, well organized woodpeckers. And certainly overzealous, if the top is any indication.
  5. Something from space. Dropped here from a great height so it would stick efficiently into the dirt. No doubt to give it a natural look, to not arouse any suspicions. Probably left here for one nefarious reason or another. Gives me the willies to think about it during a nice meal. So...perish the thought.
  6. A tree that died of something or other, sometime during it's very long life. Lightning strike, fungus, old age, too many of those small dogs, whizzing on it BEFORE it became a Cubby tree. Or: [Fill in the blank as you see fit]. And once it died? Someone made a cool, natural sculpture out of it with a chainsaw. Rather than knocking it all the way down and hauling it off, thus leaving an ugly hole in the ground for we diners to fall into after brunch beers.

Take your pick, and I'm sure everyone will be happy.

~ § ~

P1540749-2 300.1kb.jpg

A Closer-Up View

~ § ~

P1540753-2 242kb.jpg

An Even CLOSER Up View

It looks a bit ominous at this angle. I keep expecting it to jab a long walking stick in the ground, then holler out across the courtyard toward us, "You Shall Not Pass!!"

~ § ~

Well, I guess that about does it for this Hobbit tree. I'll keep you informed, if I go back there for another brunch. And I remember to ask someone in charge what the scoop is. I'm sure you all shall remain perched on chair's edge, until that time.


~ Finto ~

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Thanks @old-guy-photos for putting out Tree Tuesday

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Thanks for stopping in and viewing Tree Tuesday and a cool Hobbit tree during brunch. If you have any thoughts about odd trees, sculpted trees, trees left here by beings from space, how in the world you could even MAKE a chiminea tree...WITHOUT burning it to the ground in 12 seconds flat, or anything else this post reminds you of, please feel free to comment away in the spaces below. I'd love to hear from you.

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Excerpts From Late-Night Conversations With A Mechanical Cat

Fact Number 157

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Personally, I think it is number four. Just look at that thing - there is an owl face in the upper left, a gnome face in the middle, and some sort of bird/wolf creature on the right. This was clearly the work of a very skilled craftsmanbird, and given that two of the images happen to be of an avian nature, I suspect the woodpeckers. Every creature is partial to its own animal class, of course. I think owls must be like the superheros of birds, so naturally the woodpecker sculpted one.

Just a theory though. I could be wrong.

Ooh, I like that. More sleuthing of the Hobbit tree. With a sort of Mt. Birdmore, of the forested set as the result. You have a keen eye, the owl jumped right out when I looked again. As did the others, though the owl was beyond obvious. (Sometimes we get too close to our own "art". ) Your Craftsbird [ O : ] theory holds BUCKETS of water. And I'm quite certain they must be Pileated woodpeckers (think Woody Woodpecker, only not on celluloid), and other lesser species, in joint effort. Pileated make square holes, and others round-ish. So a joint project, obviously.

Curious D here: Do you have Pileated in your neck of the sandy wood?

Mt. I had no idea that different types of woodpeckers made different shaped holes. Here I thought some group of woodpeckers were just pecking away randomly to make that art, when in reality they were all organizing themselves like drill bits - We need a square hole over here guys, where's a square?!

The pileated woodpeckers are the only ones I ever see. I guess I don't recognize the other ones. There was one pecking away at the top of a powerpole near my house the other day...that was slightly disconcerting. If I don't respond to comments for a few days it may be that he took at that pole I'm without electricity.

Ha haa, if you do dark on here, I shall know Woody paid you a visit. They are big enough to take out about 6 households of Internet coverage.
I'm sure you have other woodpeckers, but they just look and act like regular birds. Except regular birds seldom bang their heads on large, immovable objects. Unless they've recently lost a bet...

Ha, I wonder if those birds that fly into windows have really just lost a bet ;)

Think you're onto something here. Maybe they're just trying to end it all, rather than go back to the nest and admit they lost all their worm savings on the latest game of craps, which is what the seagulls play all the time, at the beach. That's where the name actually came from. Little known bird fact of life....

Well it IS a cool "tree" and with out a doubt it is #5. Oh yeah I am sure of it. You know those aliens are tricky. That is right out of their playbook. Totally Aliens 101!! They know that the best way to hide something is to put it in plain sight. Clearly charred from the rocket flames. Obviously designed to penetrate the soil head first. Yes indeed, they are a clever lot, let me tell you!

Ha haa, I didn't think about the rocket flames part. That alien playbook, hmm, I think it makes it even more obvious as to it's origins. They are a crafty bunch, those folks from elsewhere. And it begs to ask, as you say in line one, when is a tree a tree, or no longer a tree? Maybe the little green-headed one's can explain. Though I hope I don't get a chance to ask them...

I vote for number 4 mixed with part of number 5.... those weren't normal woodpeckers, nope.... they were alien ones!

Oooh, alien woodpeckers. I like it. Though they must wear special helmets, since our atmosphere is different. Helmets with a hole in the front to peck through, with some sort of bellows to seal the beak up from the outside. Complicated. I'd draw one here, but can't draw worth beans. So you have to use your imagination. Which I'd say is pretty darn large in it's own right...

Their beaks are made of a weird crystal combination and just because their metabolism is really fast they can carved anything in a blink of an eye. The beaks gets really hot and thats why it looks like it was burned. They left cause they are allergic to cats so basically we have to thank cats to saved us from being invaded by aliens.

Lucky for us there are cats everywhere. I shall thank them, next time they cross my path. Which is often. And I'm glad they don't like to peck on our noggins. That would no doubt put us out of existence.

That's an interesting bit of art, eh? I'm betting it's a squirrel apartment complex.

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No. 3 I think this is a newly evolved Cubby Tree. The tree community has learned that humans do not appreciate them just standing around looking beautiful and they are making an effort to grow into something that people will find more useful in hopes of not being cut down in their prime.

Amazing tree! At my first glance and without your explanation, I think, it came from the fairy tale….

Very great imagination and creative idea! Ah! There are many choices, I like them all, but the most one is item 5…. I always like something that came from space! ;D

Um! I’m curious to know what the scoop really is…. I do hope that you can go back there for another brunch soon to get the answer… ;D

Well... In the spirit of the LOR analogies I'd say maybe it's an ent who's taking a very long nap. But I suppose he might have woken up and organised a moot after being set on fire 🤣 🔥