Choose the option in a healthy and wise way !!!

in #bpc10 months ago

What we are today is because of the choices we had made in past.

In every step of life we come across many situations to choose among some options. It may be friends, professions, relationship or foods.

Every aspect of life gives us an option and we choose that from our mind and experience of life. When it comes to food what should we choose? We should give more stress on the taste bud or will go with other options?

The more we will care for our taste buds , we will end up consuming more and more junk food, packaged food and unhealthy over cooked food. The more care about hanging out will result in more consumption of alcohol and so.

But we need to understand, what is good for us in long term ...... If we ll start enjoying everything heavily in younger age, then at old age we will compensate them all with medicines.

So be wise and be focused on the more and more raw fruits and vegetables. If possible totally avoid the packaged and junk foods in life. There are many options in front of you.

But choose the right and healthy one.