Boulders by The Creek

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The Perkiomen Valley is where I live and grew up. It's literally my back yard. It flows into the Schulkill River, which runs into the Delaware River, which then flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The Perkiomen Trail runs alongside the creek. It has a lot of rocks and boulders.

IMG_0810 2.JPG

Most of the Perkiomen Trail was once a railroad. Before it became a public trail, it was abandoned. There used to be a few abandoned train stations, and even an old red caboose. We used to jump off the old train bridges. There used to be rope swings galore. That's what I grew up doing every summer. The area is no longer rural like it was back then.

IMG_0913 2.JPG

These photos were taken in Green Lane Park, and Upper Salford Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Since I live right along the creek and many of its tributaries, I will be taking photos every day, unless it's raining. I'll still post lots of photos here on my blog. I like to mix up themes, but if you follow my blog, you can expect to see more photos every week!

IMG_0929 2.JPG

IMG_0871 2.JPG

IMG_0927 2.JPG

IMG_0821 2.JPG

IMG_0807 2.JPG

IMG_0805 2.JPG

IMG_0804 2.JPG

IMG_0848 2.JPG

IMG_0857 2.JPG


Looks like a great place to be. I love that third to last picture with the trees growing right up through the field of boulders.

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What a wonderful place to live and of grown up around ❤ @edgy-ed-morrison!
Rope swings and cabooses how cool is that! Use to love swinging into
the river when I was younger! Beautiful bunches of boulders, that one sure
has a big round lichen on it! Also like all the trees and roots around them!
Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos of your area! :-)