Shine Bright

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Self portraits. On the sexier side.



How about we say '' on a very sexier side '' ?
Nice work!

This is an amazing idea

That white lace thong really looks good on you :D

Thanks! It’s not my own favourite cause I feel like white lace seems a bit bridal underwear 😅

Love these pictures great job Eve.

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Thanks ;)

Great photos.

Have a great day and thanks for sharing.

1st pic is beyond beautiful

Thank you Kevin :)

Love the creative usage of the light beam. Would be nice to see a version with exposure 2 stops lower.

I already underexposed this quite heavily. When I exposed the lightest part correctly, which I did try, the image was not as good. But matter of preference for sure :)

But matter of preference for sure :)

Probably it is.

Great use of that line of light. Great portrait.

Thanks! Sometimes I'm in the right place at the right time :)

Perfect lighting!

Thank you Adrian!


Fantastic pics, looking forward to more:)

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Thank you very much. Now that the summer is rolling in, I’ll be wearing less and taking more pics :)