Big bad wolf

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Whilst I'm not a big book lover, I do like book shops. Taiwan has quite a strong reading culture but 95% of their books are in Chinese. English books are available in book stores but there isn't a massive choice and they're quite expensive. That's why I was quite excited when I found out about the Big Bad Wolf.

The Big Bad Wolf is massive travelling book sale. They go around many cities in Asia selling a lot of books at massive discounts. They are currently in town for 11 days and held their book sales in an exhibition center. This is the same venue as the Free booze (just joking) one I went to five months ago.


Little Miss

I went yesterday and the venue is massive and sells just English books. Hooray!!!. However about 2/3 of the it is childrens books. English children's book always sells in Asian countries as all the parents want to brush up their kids' English. I actually quite enjoyed looking at the kiddies books. Look! The Little Miss books. How cute!

Dahl and Blyton

Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton are two of Britian's best known children books authors. I never read Roald Dahl when I was a kid, but I did read a lot of Enid Blyton. Seeing her books brought back many childhood memories as they're not that popular in book shops in England now.


A children's book sales wouldn't be a children's book sale without any Disney books.

Science books

One children book, or in fact a few that I was very tempted to buy were these picture books. There were three, physics, biology and the periodic table. I never studied science at school because I was living between England and Hong Kong when I was growing up. My education got a bit messed up between the two systems so I never learnt any science. These books were great, a page for a concept with colourful pictures. I figured I probably wouldn't read them, so decided against buying them in the end.



On to the grown up books. I don't think I've seen so many English book in Taiwan before. They have a massive range from craft and cookery, science (proper grown up stuff) and history, art, coffee table books, fiction etc. Hygge has become quite a hype (or fad?) in recent years but I couldn't never quite grasp it. It was the first time I had come across Lagom, another fad?

100 ideas that changed the Web

I looked front to back and search back to front but I couldn't find cyrpto and blockchain in the book. Maybe they're not important enough to change the web? Then I noticed this was published in 2014. Ok that explains it.

We didn't go crazy in the think despite the wide range of choice. Hubby reads a wide range of books, whilst I'm trying to collec the set of Jeffrey's Archers chronicles at a good price. I have one at home already which I got from the charity shop back in UK for £1 last year, and was happy that I picked up two more at the sale.


And finally boks aside, there were some maps on sale. This wasn't part of Big Bad Wolf. Looks like a local book store piggy backed and set up their store after the check out so everyone had to walk past them. I found this massive map quite funny. It was taller than me and had pictures of a lot of major landmarks.

The funny part are the pictures. I've taken a snapshot of UK. It's in Chinese but there's a football in the middle because that's what we're famous for. And to put it in perspective, there's Nessie at the top where Scotland is, Netherlands on the right with a windmill, Belgium below it with the Manneken Pis, and the Versailles at Paris next to it. So going back to UK, there's the London Eye, Big Ben and The Shard in London. But London Bridge and the British Museum have moved across to the Irish Seas. And Westminster is now in Scotland!

Woops! Hope people don't get lost when they go to UK ^_^


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They give you a chance to get the English books

Yes, that was nice

Boooooooooooo. We hate Big Bad Wolf. When they come to Bangkok, our sales are trashed for a month!
The Road Dahl set sells well here, we have it in stock but Minions is sooooo last year. David Walliams isn't getting any traction here but Harry Potter and The chronicles of Narnia do fairly well. The biggest seller in fiction by a mile is ......
.......Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

If you could just 'accidentally' drop a tab end somewhere there, I'd be eternally grateful ;-)

ps If you want English books, ship all over the world and even with postage, the prices aren't bad!

You guys run a book shop? I recall you posted about buying a stack of books and transporting them on your scooter one time. And, I can imagine what Big Bad Wold can do to small bookshops when they're in town, their range and price is really quite hard to beat.

Yeah, Book despositry is good, we use them often now, much better than Amazon

The books on the scooter were the wife's private collection!
We import kids books from the UK to sell online on assorted platforms, just 2 or 3 big pallet loads a year.

Total stock of around 2500 books and 750 titles. Never underestimate the spending power of middle-class Thais lol ;-)

What's your website?

you guys do international delivery?

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