Mellexy :Through Your Eyes. A Book is Published

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Hello guys Dante is here no fear.

I've journey into the world of imagination, fantasy and realm of words. I drank from the rivers of inspiration and bathed in the rains of colours.


I could only wish to pen what I've seen and experienced. My mind is an endless flow of thoughts brought to life in a book.


These animated words of thought I present to you in a book titled Mellexy: Through Your Eyes. This book is a waterfall of romantic poetry.


I'm happy to have completed this book and I'll love you all to grab a copy and be marveled. It's been a long time coming since the inception of this book.


Unlike every dream this has become a reality.


I hope to Realise Every Dream with this book so please purchase my book.

The Inception

           I have always wanted to have a blog to share my thoughts and write what comes to my mind. I made attempts with blogspot and wordpress but I never put up anything there. But steemit came my way. it was like a secret get away. I felt safe here then I began to write and explore the platform.

This post by @poeticdreams motivated me into writing a book. Much appreciation goes to @hopehuggs who I gave due credits in the appreciation section in the book.


The Book The Muse and the Publishing

So I'm going to keep this short not to bore you. The book took longer than expected to be completed but I'm glad I finished it anyway with full dedication and focus in 5 months.

While I was writing one person came to my mind. Always flashing in my dreams. I couldn't help but reach out to her. I really hoped she won't turn me down.

To be honest our conversation was smoother than I thought and she agreed to model for my book.
We had chats back and forth on how I wanted the image to look like. Her eyes is like an ocean of shining pixie dusts, so enticing and charming. She is so awesome and wonderful.

Friends this lady is the one and only @hiddenblade. She's spectacular. Here's a post she made about the photoshoot titled HeavenlyBlade. In the many images from the photoshoot the image below was the chosen one.

we chose this image

And I made some mockups as welll :D

fantasy mockup.jpg

My rainbow in the Sun



One more person I must thank for his tremendous support on the journey of this book is my main man @josediccus . I can't mention every name right. However, to everyone that supported, encouraged and helped me on this journey I want to say a big thank you to you all. @hiddenblade I still got plans for you haha

My book is presently on Amazon . Please buy my book.

If you are unable to purchase the book on amazon you can reach me on discord dante31#8439 to purchase the eBook.

Also if you want to support the Author reach out to me on discord.

Mellexy is Born and Alive. This is the first of many. I hope someday my name would be among the greats in the writing world. A little man can dream but I know someday I would Realize Every Dream,

Dante is Here No Fear

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Nice dude congrats on the book and the cover looks great, @hiddenblade great job on the modeling!

Thanks, Carl! Dante also helped me a lot with finding the perfect look and feels for the photo. :D

Thanks Carl... and what she said too 😁😀

Publishing a book is a very big step in your writing journey. I'm so happy for you! I'm surprised, and I'm glad I was the source for your inspiration :P Keep writing and you will become a famous writer someday, publishing here and there. Congratulations!!! :D

Also this is my first time being on a book cover! Thanks for trusting me! :D

Proud of you too 💙
You are beautiful.

Thank you <3

Congrats bro.. Proud of you 💙

Thanks fam

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Yeah, done that

Curated.. Gave it some neoxian rewards 💙

Thanks alot. Thank you


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So cool!! Congrats Dante 👏🏼❤️

Thanks @justineh 🥰
I hope you get a copy for yourself. Also Hidden made it beauty as well

Wow, congratulations 💚💚

Thank you so much. Much love♥️

Congrats man! It must be a great feeling to publish your own work! Keep it going!

It truly is man. The feeling is magical

@hiddenblade is the model on mellexy? Jesus! What a beauty! You didn't tell me

Aaww, thank you! ^_^

Haha you're welcome. You absolutely dazzled