One of my friends bought crypto with $20 & he received $50 bonus | Now updated

in bonus •  11 months ago  (edited)
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I have 52$ in this wallet, registered under that you refer.
but I can't buy crypto with a bank account. you suggest me something?

contact me on discord. I leave you're a message.

are you from europe or US?

No. What i should to do?

No..what should i do?

How did you receive $52 if you're not from US or Europe? You have to do verification. I know this only works for US & Europe...

I do verification with israel passport. I got it. But its locked, i need to buy with crypto visa, and us bank.
I cant unlock it. It you want it tell me

then you need to buy crypto with a visa card to unlock it, this is the only option


yes, this is real, you register, do kyc, buy $20 worth of crypto and you will receive $50 in mco which can be withdrew or exchanged to other crypto :D

ok..ok . and if I buy 50$ ? what then ?

you will receive only $50 bonus, but minimum is $20 :p

so, it's easy $50 you can withdraw it any time, that s what I like about it

Can I put this wallet also in my PC ?

no, the app is only for mobile...

ok..ok .. now I see :) I must make more room in my phone then :))

yes, it worths for $50 :p

ok..ok :) I try go read more this info :)

let me know if you have any other questions :D

Hey ... if I use my phone ... and when I close this app in next 3 months and I buy new phone , can I use same coads to go in then also ?

yes you can but they updated the terms so you won t receive the bonus now..only if you stake 50 it s too late now

It is not available for all country

unfortunately only to us and europe...