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RE: Fever Tree Bonsai!

in #bonsai3 months ago

Agree, that does look like an ideal tree to easily shape the early branches into any direction. It has a natural alternating branch pattern, so no need to search for symmetrical branch pairs to remove. The alternating pattern is an easy guide to learn where to bend the wood.

Watch out for the thorns if you ever wire or prune it. It grows thorns under the leaves, similar to my Hawthorn tree. I always snip new thorns off before they can hurt me. Removing them might even help promote energy in the tree to focus more on growing.

If it were my tree, I think I would do the same as you, with the three branches going out like a triangle from above, except maybe more zigzag motion for each to start building up outward fans of leaves around the tree. Eventually develop an apex from a strong central shoot.