My Latest Bonsai Tree's

in #bonsai2 months ago

Hey everyone, I have been on a mission to plant as many bonsai tree's of late. Now that I can afford them the pots soil and this hobby generally, I am going balls to the wall and what an excellent hobby it is!



Check out my doobie cannabis post here where one gets a good overview as to what can we done with these magnificent plants and hobby...


Been spring I have been riding around on my scooters and harvesting seeds off trees in the area. I also cut branches and try grow these trees from cutting and so far rather successfully...



Plantig new white stinkwood and black cherry tree's, I recently started adding a nice touch with the white sand, looks decent right?


Here the general overview of all these epic bonsai trees growing nicely!!


Nature the incredible!

I trust you have an amazing Weekend!

Love and light, be blessed.


Your patio and wall is a perfect location for your growing bonsai hobby.

Was this the first winter they survived? Looks like a success.

Hey bruv my first winter but I put them all inside nightly, everything but the Cherries!!! Cheer$;)