Bonsai Tricks And Tips!

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Hey everyone, as most of you that follow me know other than bees, one of my hobbies are bonsai trees, what an excellent fun and rewarding hobby it is!

Here we have a weeping willow below, I really love this Tree, never before have I seen this done and what fantastically creative fashion in which it grows, all trees grow up, not this one, brilliant right?



I basically started this as a layman, got some great tips from @creativetruth (another great proponent and enthusiast of the art of bonsai here on hive) as well as learning as I go, experience really is the best teacher!


Above my Fire Tree coming along really well, also one of my favourites can only imagine how glorious it will looks once it starts to flower! Check out on the internet how fantastic these look in flower nice page here

What is this and what happened? Here we have my weeping willow tree, I used a special bosai shaping wire to grow these in the desired orientation, however the mistake I made is leaving it on too long hence the plant outgrowing the wire and leaving thes marks. In hindsight I should have removed them earlier, no harm though and it looks rather unique!


Below another of my favaourite trees, leopard glorious leopard tree, I have 2 and they are just too stunning for words, hard to germinate from seed, but eventually they did and what a stunning rewarding plant they are!


My lovely heart shaped cherry tree coming along really well, Tinkie my gorgeous 'sidekick' always in my pictures and never leaving my side, love her dearly!



The secret to these lush green trees that live in such arid soil conditions as to ensure they stay small? This fatastic bonsai fertilizer which I admininister once a week! @creativetruth what bonsai food are you using?


Nature the incredible!

May you have the most incredible weekend! Love and light, be blessed!



Yeah that is a very deep wire bite. If you waited any longer to remove it, the wire might have become a permanent feature.

Looks like you removed the wire just in time for the heart shaped cherry tree.

Choosing a fertilizer is a learning process for me. Ultimately, I don't think the wrong fertilizer will bother the tree too much, as long as it is not administered too heavy or weak for the tree. Some trees want a different ratio of NPK during different times of year, to help either the roots, the flower buds, or the foliage green up. You don't want the tree to always focus on greening, all year, or else it will form leaves too big and long internodes between leaves. And you don't want it building oversized roots all year, or else you will have to repot it too often to remove circular roots. Learn the balance that works best for most of your trees. Some trees you may discover have special needs, such as roots preferring aged decomposing bark to maintain temperature, moisture, and even supply of nutrients, and not tolerating clay or sandy soil.

The Rose Society in my area is reputed by bonsai enthusiasts to have the best quality slow-release organic fertilizer for bonsai in my area. They make their own hand-made fertilizer cakes, which they call "poo poo balls", but I have never been able to get my hands on it. Instead I use commercial fertilizers, which are slow-release which I sprinkle onto the soil surface.

One I found a Fruit and Nut tree fertilizer, and it was pretty effective. Last year I use oszmocote, which are little white balls that dissolve slowly, and I do not like those as much. Diluted compost tea is always good when I have enough for weekly Summer feeding. Every year I also sprinkle in a tablespoon or so of a vitamin/mineral rich soil additive, to include trace elements trees need. The one I use is called Azomite. A little bit of Epsom salt a few times a year will not harm trees, and it will soften the water and allow some trees to better absorb those trace nutrients.

Wow brother some amazing insights there thanks a mil... I have only been doing this for just over a year and so far just that pokon has worked really well, I will try epsom too as I used them in my vegetables and it works really well too. Have a stunning Sunday brother. Cheer$;)

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