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RE: Photos from Lustau Bodega in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

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Do they do samples?...Of the wine, not the sex dungeon.


Samples throughout the tour!

There was a container at each stop to pour anything you didn't want away - no chance!

That wall of tools looked very ominous!

Well, seems like you behaved, your photos are too good for someone who was sloshed. 🙂

A 3rd were taken before i'd had a drop 😏. Well, that's not strictly true as a couple of warm-up cañas were had in a square close by prior to starting.

If I take a good photo, then it must be very hard to miss!

Lol...A nice looking spot mate and good to see you guys chilling out, enjoying yourselves.

Cheers mate. It’s tourism and sports - I need to alternate as the body needs a rest.

Balance the sports with paella and booze mate...Everyone knows balance is important. :)

Absolutely. @sulayr has gone to her Padel training, I'm at home with pizza and beer - Balance :D

Seems like the way to go. ✅