"We Went. We Returned." by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

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Greetings Citizens!

I stepped away for a few days, but have now returned with tales of adventure, intrigue, and some third thing! I needed a break. Since I work from home now (thanks to the pandemic), I rarely leave the house, and Mariah thought it might be starting to "get to me."

After work on Friday, we saddled up the automobile and headed EAST. (We live on the West Coast of the U.S., so going east is easier---if one wants to stay above water.) Our destination: STONEHENGE! (Not THAT one...the other one...) We arrived a little before sunset, which was fortuitous.








[All photos by me. Mariah took some as well. If she decides to post them on her Hive blog (@mariahyates), I'll provide a link. Until she decides to post them, I'll keep hassling her!]

After we finished getting our henge on, we made our way to our overnight accommodations. Mariah found a lovely little haunted spot built in 1921, called the Columbia Gorge Hotel.





[Again, my photos.]

Here is a link to some of the "lore" surrounding the hotel.


It was a nice, cozy place (we were three doors away from one of the supposedly haunted rooms...but the night was rather restful for us!) We rode in a 99 year-old, hand operated elevator, walked the lighted garden, had a couple of drinks and dessert in the lounge, and listened for a few minutes as a guy at a piano played along to boombox full of Adult Radio Tunes, giving them the FULL karaoke butcher treatment. (The desserts were excellent---the singing was...not.)

Sadly, we were not haunted in the night, and in fact we both slept rather well compared to how we normally sleep in hotels.

This morning, after having a heck of a time finding breakfast, we jumped back onto Interstate 84 and chugged along to the Mary Hill Museum!


I think I'm going to write a full post on the museum, so we'll wait to talk about that one. Suffice it to say, it was very cool. We bought several postcards and a poetry book!

On the way home, we stopped at Packer Orchards in Hood River and bought some jam and salsa and apples and cinnamon rolls! (We needed the rolls, for sure...)

And now we're home and watching spooky movies on t.v.! I made a bunch of art over the last few days. I'm hoping to get some of it tokenized on NFT Showroom tomorrow! (I've been out of the game for too long!)


---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)


I've been to that Stonehenge, but not the original.