Happy birthday to me!

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Yay! I can proudly say I have managed to survive for one extra year. Take that Darwin.

I am more or less the same age Jesus died. I tried to arrange to go out for drinks today, but all my friends were busy, working, baby sitting or whatever. Another sign I am getting old I guess.

So, Ill spent the night at home. Parents came for a visit (I am really glad I still have the both of them!) and my wife @ruth-girl made this nice "cake" with waffles and truffle balls. I like balls. They felt nice in mouth:


So, what are my goals for this year? Get rich and fit I guess. The first will depend on the markets, I have amassed some really nice and fat bags during the bear market so hopefully 2020 or 2021 will be the year I take my early retirement and leave my cuck job for personal development and to endeavour making money in some other way that I will actually enjoy.

As for getting fit, I am surprised I am not morbidly obese yet or dead from a stroke with my diet and lack of physical activity all the past years. In the last two months I have been exercising almost daily and I am back to doing push ups, pull ups and other shit.

To give you an idea of my current level, I can easily climb 30 times the stairs in my house, do 50 push ups, abs and some other shit, all in a row and hardly break a sweat. Two months ago when I started exercising, I barely managed 10 push ups and my muscles were sore for a week 😂.

Atm I am probably way more fit than I have been in the last 6 years. And the last few days I making a cautious effort to improve my meals at home, mainly reducing the pointless carbs like bread and spaghettis.

So yeah.

Happy birthday to me.

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I am also surprised you are not obese judging from the food posts where you have plates of food covering the whole house. But more importantly. !tip 2

Woot thanks for the tip! I'll buy some leo later with it and send it back to you. As my ancestors used to say, an eye for an eye and a jerking for a jerking! <3

It is your gift. I think I have this Leo stuff, I get some from voting. :)

Happy birthday, man!

Happy Birthday !BEER to you.
From what I can see your chances of making it another year are... well...
Good luck! :D

I see beer price is growing steadily, lol. Keep popping those free ones and we will soon be fucking rich!!!!


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Happy Birthday!!!

Really like the cake :)

Good job for getting in shape, keep it up!


Happy birthday dude!

Happy birthday to you! Those truffle balls look delicious.

Happy birthday!
I have to start exercising too, I'm far away from what i was in the past, still handsome!

That's the spirit, lol!

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Happy Birthday! We're pretty much the same age, now that you mentioned Jesus. I have to get back to push ups as well. Maybe will do my back a bit better.

You need both push ups and pull ups to keep all muscle groups growing . Doing only one of the two could actually lead to imbalances and make the problem worse. If you are lazy just hang from a pull bar a few times every day. That will decompress your spine and give some immediate and long term relief :)

I need to find a pullbar then 😁

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Well then, Happy Birthday young Trump-Version.🎂

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Xronia polla bre thirio!

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