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I have been here for nearly 3 years now. I wouldn't even remotely call myself a blogger or a journalist. In fact, almost all my blogs in the past I have neglected over time.

When I came to Steem, I tried different things, to figure out what it was all about. My first post was a productivity post about Speed Reading. It only got 1 view at the time. I tried a few other things, and nothing seemed to get anyone's attention.

Although I was pretty disappointed and frustrated, I set a goal to attempt to write a post every day. This was no easy task and not something I looked forward to. It really isn't the writing that bothers me, it is coming up with the idea.

Anyway, here we are almost 3 years later and 1,189 posts and 15,932 comments later, I am still writing something unique every day. Some days are better than others, and there are certainly some I am more proud of than others.

Here are my top three posts, in my eyes.


Life and death, and when your time is up

My father died recently, and days before his death I wrote this. I don't typically write about personal things, but this was one of the few times.


@themarkymark AMA

While the post is only a picture, all the good content is in the comment section. I found it quite entertaining to answer questions.


NAS Series

One of my favorite post series was my NAS series where I built a killer Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for a fraction of the cost it typically takes. This is a 12 part series that originally posted to onboard users in a server community.

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You did some digging to find these posts! :D

3007 comments on that NAS series post, topical stuff :)

My fave is the first, and I think one of the benefits of this place is having somewhere to release things like that.

Think I'll have a go at this.

Awesome picks! Would be pretty hard for me to pick only 3 best posts since I love every single journey I go into! :D

That most definitely is a good idea, many arrive not sure where to settle, all three of your top list ideas are very different, the first an opening of reflective thought which was a thoroughly insightful read.

@tipu curate

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It really is tempting to build a NAS for my current storage needs and backup. A little more than I’m willing to put into something for now. It’s great knowing though there is quite a detailed series on it if I ever consider making one.

I liked the NAS series. If this equipment wasn't so expensive where I am, I would have used it to build my own.

Great idea. It's good to reflect on what worked, what didn't and what just rocked one's socks. I might just do this.

Seems like when you created this three, I am still yet to join the blockchain

Im here nearly about 2years and half i start as anybody else here on hive from steem when it was decentralised,i go through the same struggle even harder oh why?.
Because i started from 0 when i created my account i think it was on it about 17sp to make my transitions through the blockchain i wasn't an investor for a reason i was looking from 2013 for a website or somewhere i can create quality content and get paid because in the end im not a rich man to invest my posts wasn't get the attention i wanted even that i keep on trying as long as im proud of every post and any comment i create in the past 2 years and half for sure im gonna create a post and pick 3 of the most great posts i share here.

Keep up the great work! I feel the same, when I came here I loved being able to compose hypertext and since there was not much information at the time, I started posting about how this all worked. Over time I started to follow the price more and I try to post consistently. Onboarding new users has always been of most importance, and I try to introduce at least one new user a week and help them start their blog. To me this is web3.0 so just like many of us were building the web pages of the www, this will be whatever we make of it, but this time have the wallet feature built right in! It has always been difficult to transfer value online but not anymore thanks to ciphercoins like Bitcoin and especially zero-fee Hive. It is time to decentralize everything!

The AMA post was our favourite, and it motivated us to do our own, the personal one gives us a glimpse into you, the NAS one is tech porn, pure and simple. What's compelling about your blog is that minus hive steem discussion, we never know what you're going to write, and that's great, it really is.