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Where I can type bullshit, then I remembered I have this account for that exact reason. Then I wondered why don't I post more bullshit. I think it is because that is effort, posting is fucking effort.

Tweeting, Facebooking, omg instagraming... anything that requires an image is an absolute horror. I will never understand how a image only site could be so big. Not something proper like a stock photography site but something as stupidly pointless as instagram with pages upon pages of random shit from peoples lives.

Ok I have been on there once because someone hacked the account and I had to just change the pass but I did not mind the new profile pic and username... Not sure what it is now but I am hip ok I got an instagram, and a reddit and alllllllllllll the stuff.

I currently use, youtube - I tried using dtube but I am fucked if I could ever like that site it is so unnerving not knowing what the vote button even does, and since I am on a steem site I wanna vote. The lack of content is well there are only like 20 people posting so that is fair enough.

It kinda sucks being at the start of so many things because there is no general standard and you end up just generally reading, viewing shit you would never give a second look at in the real world like if you were on twitter or facebook.

Fuck I would never even write this on any of those and instead it will clutter my mind and that is fine because I will just find somewhere else to rant and say random shit that do not matter apart from having been said.

As a whole and as steem is and just the general crypto social platform in general. It is a pretty shit place as a general user and consumer. There is nothing to consume, when you then push for the crypto then you are bad for not being part of something and blah blah. I think community or groups in general are pretty shitty and I like having one foot out the door.

It is just how life should be, we are always getting trapped in our willingness to join in and fair enough I am pathetic for getting myself into those situations when I know that I absolutely despise being attached to something for too long. Fucking ongoing battle that shit. Say yes. I fucking dare you, and see how things get fucked up. Saying no has never lead to anything bad in my experience, saying yes on the other hand is a nuclear disaster waiting to happen.

It is all fine and dandy finding balance and being part of this yet having boundaries, it does not mean you don't see the whirlpool of puke and guts below you on the tight rope.

Further more, people that are too empathetic should shut up. If you can't open your mouth without trying to be understanding maybe you are not the right person to talk to in any situation, which means your empathetic ass is not welcome for unsolicited understanding and feeling sharing over a peace pipe.

... I think I am done.

7 Billion people, less than a third are required.

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That's still almost 2 and a half billion. You sure that many are required?

Mmmm yes that will be a problem... I suppose there is not much room in jail for the other billion and a half. I do like to have backups of things.

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