7 Keys Uptrennd Way Every Business Needs

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A strong feeling for this platform was on me an early hour of today when trying to compare it with other platforms I did submit my writings. Community members a close look at your engagement concerning what your feeling towards a project, will contribute to new ideas to grow that project if you see the future of such a project.


See these lessons and apply them to anything you are doing!

1. Uptrennd.com is always send information of twitter and all their social media handle. I call This: Communication

2. Do you need help on how to go about your earning and feel you are lost. Check all the official tell the admin and moderator, even the community members are ready to help you out. I call This: Commitment

3. When one Moderator or Admin is out due to timezone another stepped in and continue the engaging journey. I call This: Structure

4. When you experience downtime or you receive unclear notification of your dashboard, uptrennd homely welcome you to Uptrennd supportI call this: System and Patriotism

5. The telegram was (is) set to public which means it is accessible for all and you can drop your message, recommendation, or suggestion. I call this: Equality and Freedom of Speech

6. Uptrennd will always communicate their movement through official media handle. I call this: Transparency

7. Uptrennd believes in joint movement and never bad mouth any other social media platform rather declare unity, oneness, and uncensorship. I call This: People's First.

In conclusion, social media platform is not for the leader, it's all about The People. Until all social media understand what it takes to empower people and engage them by creating an avenue for freedom of expression as Uptrennd is always doing because this is one of the key pillars that hold Uptrennd, the growth will be affected.

Also to all those in leadership, to lead is not about the leader. It is about the people. Until those in power understand this, they will continue to rule (and be ruled) rather than lead (and be led).

I Remain Loyal To Uptrennd Nation!!!