You Don't Know Where Did I Come From, And You Don't Know Where Do I Go...

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It looks that the easiest thing in life is judging others and criticize other's work... I have written yesterday a blog post about the focus of people on the Steem, downvotes, and impact on communities, and generally, how can we improve our platform... I know that I'm maybe boring with these downvotes stuff, but I like to look at the same problem from different views... To study different aspects of it...

I would like to try something different today... I would like to watch on the problem from people's view... Let me try to explain what do I mean...

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I was talking with my son yesterday about mobile phones (what other topic is interesting to a teenager? :) ) and we get into the story about "fingerprints" scanner (or whatever is its name... you know what I mean)... And he concluded: "How interesting is that every man on the planet has different fingerprints."

YES! And, there are no two identical people on the whole planet... We are all different, we all have different faces, bodies, feelings, emotions... Maybe some of us had a similar past, but I'm sure that even if it was very similar, we didn't react the same.

You don't know what have I survived in the past, don't judge me in the present... If you want to help me, please do so... But don't judge me...

If you want to show me where should I go, don't push me... Show me that it is a better way, and I will listen... And I will change my course...

I have met a bunch of great people in our #CTP tribe and STEEM in general (yes, I call it our, because I feel that I belong here)... They are all different individuals, with different problems, a lot of them with really serious health issues... But, they bring a lot of value to our community, they are supportive, they are kind, they forget about all their problems when they are surrounded by friends...

And we help each other to survive the day, to learn something new, to be a better person at the end of a day...

Maybe the price of Steem isn't the best, maybe the downvotes are a big mistake, maybe this network is a total failure... But... I know that the bonds that we have created here aren't a failure and that we will survive as a community in either way...

We are people! We are stronger when we work together, and we are weaker when we are alone... That's why it is important to create COMMUNITIES and that's why it is important to care about the people and your closest ones.
Don't try to break what we have created, because you will fail!


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Very well said, Zoltan! @ph1102 I have been affected by the downvote alright, for example I went from level 13 back down to level 9 in two days on Actifit! :( I wish people weren't so thoughtlessly vicious! However, you are totally right, one shouldn't focus on that, when we have such an amazing community around us! ;) @steem @clicktrackprofit

I don't use Actifit dApp and I didn't know that downvotes can have that kind of impact... I mean to lower your level in Actifit!?

Anyways, it's healthier to focus on positive and on our amazing community that is every day bigger and bigger!

Thanks for the comment!

Well it would appear so! Either way, yeah, let's focus on the positive and keep moving forward all together! @ph1102 Thank you for your great content! :)

hi @ph1102. Your analysis is correct about people. I've met some amazing people on steem also, such as yourself. And yes, there are some things I just can't understand. But we are all here for a purpose.

Exactly... Be surrounded by awesome people like you is a blessing... And I really try to disconnect myself from vampires and leechers... :)
But, on the other side, if someone attacks my community, I will defend it and raise my voice!

You said it @ph1102, it's WE and US, not you and them, this is what matters, the community and the people, and I am glad to have you in mine, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thank you very much @ph1102, and keep up your awesome work.

Inspiring pep talk! Much needed too. I'm seriously amazed at the number of downvoters that abound, esp. the new, faceless ones that do nothing but downvote away. They remind me of Internet trolls that people talk about. Instead of focusing on them, try building one another up. I doubt much that they will stop as they seem to be getting a kick out of being a nuisance. So, let's just continue doing our best. Hopefully, all will be better as each day passes.

Thanks for your kind words, Rosyel!

Those faceless downvoters are just bots from that CamilleGuy and they don't make too much harm, (because they don't have enough SP)... But, other guys that do have a lot of staked Steem can... Now, the most popular is the guy that downvotes people that receive SBI upvotes, but luckily, he also doesn't have enough to screw us all :)

Anyways... the best thing is to focus on tribes... ;)

I agree with the post in general but I can't say specifically what I really identify with in the post. It was amazing that you mentioned no two people would react the same to some situation. I've often wondered about twins and triplets but even they have different personalities and experiences. [and quadruplets, etc.]
Also I like the comments from others that I've read here. I'm trying to be positive about life and everything going on in it. Sometimes it is hard but I just move on to the next thing I want to try to do.

I agree... It's not an easy task to keep yourself positive with all things that sometimes going wrong around you... But, it's a good thing in those situations turn yourself to what you HAVE and turn to your friends, family, and community... It helps...

Have a great weekend! (I hope that house is now OK after fumigation?)