Carnivore 75 Hard: Day Four

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My first day back at work during this challenge. I typically don't eat before work, so there's no change there. I made some black coffee this morning again, and I'll have to fast until at least about 10 am, which is also something I would generally do anyway. Whether or not I eat during my half-hour lunch "hour" kind of depends on how I feel at the time. It definitely isn't easy to get anywhere, grab food, and eat it all within 30 minutes.

Since I didn’t plan on eating lunch, I planned on spending my half-hour lunch “hour” getting my 15 minutes of outdoor activity in. We’re still experiencing amazing autumn weather overall, but it was very rainy and very windy for a while this afternoon. I didn't do anything for lunch but sit in my car in a park and watch it rain. By the time I got home from work around 5 pm, it was sunny and fairly warm for October. 

After a quick stop at Costco for dog food, coffee, and cheese, I took Stella for a quick walk. That will cover the 15 minutes of outdoor activity, as it was about a half-hour. It’s not the most active of activities, but we do go on pretty fast walks, I suppose. When we’re walking, we’re going fast. Stella likes to stop and smell just about everything, though. Especially when there are piles of leaves all of the place. 

After the walk, I came back and started cooking immediately because it was already getting later than I’d prefer to eat dinner. I made up the last of the tubes of 80/20 ground chuck that I bought for camping. There was one left after the trip. I cooked that into four burger patties and topped them with some colby jack cheese. I also made up 7 slices of bacon. This was my only meal today, and probably not quite enough, but at the same time, I’m not hungry either. I had fasted for over a day before these burgers!

Three things I’m grateful for:

  1. Good coffee again! 
  2. Work flew by and I got out a little early because the power went out
  3. Autumn dog walks

I really dropped the ball on getting images for this post. I'll try to up my game next time!


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