Carnivore 75 Hard: Day 15

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I fasted today until about 2 pm when I had some cheeseburgers. I made three six-ounce patties out of 80/20 ground chuck, smashed them, and cooked them in a hot cast-iron skillet. As an experiment, I used this small portable induction burner that we have to see if it would create an even heating surface. Long story short: it didn't. The stovetop is still the best way to go. The cooker is a great way to boil water, though. Not that I really need to do that anymore, I suppose. Maybe I should get rid of it and get something more useful. That's a new rule I've got in my house: if I want to bring in some new appliance, I need to get rid of an old one.

What I've got my eye on now is a new air fryer. I could get rid of the old air fryer, the toaster oven, and the toaster probably and replace them all with one new appliance. The air fryer I have now isn't the best one, and it has a somewhat small and circular basket, which doesn't have as much surface area as I'd really prefer.

ignore the bun and stuff. :)

Before the reception, my wife and I went out for dinner. Guess what I got? A burger! I got what's called a "Double Smash" but obviously without the bun, lettuce, or tomato. It was two six-ounce patties which isn't a ton of food, but that's why I ate a lot earlier. The burgers I made for myself were three six-ounce patties. All in all, that's about 30 ounces of beef. I was over 3000 calories for the day according to Cronometer.

Part of this challenge is that I'm not consuming alcohol at the moment. That has been getting much easier for me as the weeks progress. Until I am at a social event where I would've used alcohol as a crutch to get over the awkwardness I tend to experience. Last night felt a little long at times, but I got through it. Today's a new day.

Activity, as usual, was a dog walk. I haven't been changing that up much.

Gratitude, dude.

  1. I made it through the wedding reception (with an open bar) without drinking.
  2. We're moving band practice into my basement for a while as we focus on writing... means I don't have to leave the house!
  3. The snow melted already.

BONUS: Jiffs

I was watching a little Parks and Recreation today and one part, in particular, motivated me to make a couple of gifs. It's kind of a good example of what it can be like to talk to friends, family, and/or co-workers about a carnivore way of eating. Or, hell, even a keto or low carb one.

What's so bad about corn syrup? It's natural. Corn's a fruit. Syrup comes from a bush!

But isn't all food bad for you? I've been eating lasagna and muffins every day of my life for 40 years, and I feel terrible.

If sugar's so bad, how come Jesus made it taste so good?

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Well done staying off the alcohol. I've also been wondering about an air fryer if they work well please let me know.

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