DIY Bakery - Perfect for the Remote Workers

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Since a year or so, I've been working from home due to the lock down in my area. To make life a bit more interesting, I started backing my own sourdough bread over the past weeks.

While I attempted this in the past several times, I always struggled to fit it in my daily routines. The great thing about being home all day, now makes baking bread really easy!

I've backed several dozens of breads by now, and although it took a while, they slowly became tastier and prettier! Persistence really pays off when baking bread. Or at least learning to bake bread :P

Here's me latest creation:

Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 15.34.27.png

Screenshot 2021-04-05 at 15.34.18.png

Baking bread doesn't cost a lot of time. It just requires 5 minutes here and there during the day. That's why home-office is perfect for this. You can regularly check your dough and work on it when needed. And having fresh bread every other day makes working from home just that little bit better :)


I hope it tastes as it looks cause it looks delicious 🙂

Nice! It taste delicious!