More corona and coffee

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Holidays are technically over in China but most companies have given their employees an extra free week because of the virus thingy so things are still quiet here. Uni starts a week later so I am still free. There is some activity on the streets but nothing compared to an ordinary day.

In the meantime just trying some more home delivery supermarket coffee. To enter any public place a mouth mask is pretty much demanded and as mouth masks are pretty hard to come by I prefer to stay put.

Not sure what the flavour means. Maybe they are actually not blue Mountain beans but just the same type?

I used about 120ml and got a reasonable cup of coffee from it flavour wise. It was a bit too sourish for me but that's typically blue Mountain. It seems to me that sour coffees are more popular here in China which is not the preferred flavour in Europe.

That's all the leisure activity for today. Time to do some research work.

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Trees! So many trees in the middle of the town.

I wonder if the thing that people aren't out that much, driving with their cars and all that, has any impact on the air quality?

It would be horrible not to get a good tasty coffee doze every day so I feel you.

Air quality is pretty good in Xiamen. Lots of green in the city plus it is on an island. The air still can get pretty polluted when the wind pushes air pollution from the mainland to us. :(

Today I got a coffee grinder but it is a bit weird. It looks like an ordinary kitchen grinder but they labeled it for coffee beans D:

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It looks like an ordinary kitchen grinder but they labeled it for coffee beans D:

If it works, then it's a coffee grinder.

For now it is only grinding my gears :P

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!BEER with coffee? Maybe a dark one.

Interesting way to make coffee.

Hey @mathowl, here is a little bit of BEER from @bluerobo for you. Enjoy it!

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