Useful things that I've done today...Vomiting isn't one of them.

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In no particular order...

Showed someone from a country in west Africa, how to make $35 dollars a day, compared to the $10 or $12 they were making currently- and they showed their thanks by sending me $ 25!
(I'd asked for nothing, but a genuine 'thank you' in this way, was really appreciated and very heart warming).

I like to help people.
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2/ Helped a couple come to terms with some very weird sexual fetish, ( no, I'm not telling), and left them both feeling really positive about things - for the first time in nearly three and a half years of turmoil and ongoing problems with the whole situation.

I like to help people.
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Discovered some really fascinating facts concerning personality traits and 'not knowing thyself', and how individual choose to live in denial rather than living in a place of honesty.(and all the ways that affects happiness of themselves, and those around them) .
Really interesting stuff, and will have some very useful applications for me, here on steem.
(this is my personal 'hot topic' that's going around in my noggin, at the moment).

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Created an email account. Ok that might not sound too amazing, BUT, just wait...
It's so I can time stamp emails with my thoughts (before I post here).
There's a very valid reason for this, which will become clear as time goes on - this is possibly one of the most exciting things that I've done here....we will see... it's called 'boxing.....something' @somewhere. (dot com)
(this is my excitement, nowadays. lol).

.....Still part of that 'trying to help' gig.

Made small advances on my 'wire men armies'.
I have 5 nearly finished, and another 4 in the production line. My enthusiasm is waning, but I'm gonna finish what I started.
Whether they look like misshapen zombies with bodily parts twisted gruesomely at all angles, or valiant marauding Saxons, we will have to wait and see...(I'm not holding my hopes up for this particular project, to be honest - but ya gotta give it a go).
When you have to wait several hours/a day between applying the next part of the figure development, it does become tedious.
'Figure development?' What the fuck does that mean? lol
It means pasting layers of wet papier mache on fully dried out papier mache. There, I feel better now.
(Sorry about that, I've been reading far too many word salads - it seems to be catching. I hope I'm not coming down with postmodernism).

They will never look like this v v v v
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6/ Hours sitting on our on our sun kissed balcony, drinking coffee, typing away, and stroking our doggy , Sophia.

Thoughts of the day...

I might become a life coach!

Nah, only joking - they have no sense of humor. (from the ones I know and interact with).

I'm of the opinion that 'life coaching' without being able to laugh, is like learning how to make a ragù alla napoletana, without any tomatoes.
You can call it what you like - but it ain't ever gonna be a ragù alla napoletana

And whatever result you finally end up with, it's gonna be fucked up...

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how to make $35 dollars a day,

I am not from Africa. Can I know how? Not willing to suck cock though :(


I was gonna offer classes and advertise here, but the moral police kept me and my project fro doing anything here.
(I've bee helping people for years in this gig.)

I' ve finished it recently, but somewhere else, with masses of traffic.

I keep steem separate from the adult world.

Too many grown up children with power in this place. Judgmental people. fuck that, I'll help people who wanna work and be independent from 'the man'.

No sucking cock required. lol.

I wanna work. How can I contact you? :D

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

.....are you male? female? couple?

i won't connect you with my sites - keeping that totally separate from here.

but i will help you get started

Male, married. make more as couple...I ain't trying to persuade you , its a choice.

If you;re skint and and need the dosh - working as couple on cam can make you money.
30 - 45 mins a day 'work', for around $30, depending on age and looks.
(As a single guy - not so much - especially if not toned and 6 packed).

if your're thinking as a couple , I can give you the info to maximize your income. (most of it very simple but makes a massive difference to your income). typing in English is important - speaking no so much..

I guess it's sex webcams, but if it's something that doesn't require showing our faces count us in😆

lol - are you shy? lol

One face will be required...for obvious reasons..

Seriously - if fear of recognition is a problem - I would suggest not doing it.
(in 18 years of being in this industry - I don't know of one person where recognition had occurred on a show).
Remember one thing re the recognition - the person who does the recognizing has paid to see you.
Who is going to say anything?

I'm not selling it, just giving you the facts as I know them - it's something you have to come to be comfortable with.

Ok, just reading what you did today has made me tired.
ima go back to bed now.

Is this woman actually enjoying this, or is she just putting on a face for the camera?

it's for illustrative purpose, how the hell would I know?

I DO know some people (both sexes), that unless they were stinging the next day after from this kind of attention, they hadn't had a good night.

People are interesting...