Steemfest 4 ....My take on things so far.

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This is no particular order of events, just my take on it and some meanderings.
A stream of consciousness, kinda.

I watched all the live streams so far (are there any more?).
I tried not to fall asleep in some parts, but I'm no techy, so that might be just me.

My over all impression (as a user, former business owner, and employer and totally non tech perspective).

I wasn't entirely sure what the steemfest was aiming for, who it was directed at.

Was it aiming at the tech crowd?
A showcase for the investor?
A friendly meetup and social gathering of Steemians?

As a social event, I think it looked like it was/has been/will be, a success.

Showcasing the Steem blockchain to investors or businessmen?
I'm not so confident it was that successful.
My feelings range from 'they tried' to 'it failed miserably'.

A big shout out to @roelandp
He appears to be a great event organizer – and hats off to him for organizing it all.
Well done,matey.
Event organisation is a royal pain in the arse, hard work, and is the most under valued part of an event. Only ever talked about when things go wrong, and not noticed when things go smoothly.

So again – well done @roelandp.

I don't know him in real life or Steemit, , but he comes across as a very enthusiastic, positive, dude.
As a social events MC, he's excellent, and just the man for the job.
As an MC for a showcase of Steem the blockchain - I think he's the wrong person for the job.
(sorry @roelandp, no offense meant, matey - I'm using my serious 'business eyes').

So mixed feelings - And all very dependent on what the perspective of Steemfest was intended it be.

As an opportunity to showcase Steem(Inc), and the blockchain?
..sorry guys, I just don't see it.
I'm not sure, like i said, what the aim of it was /is.
From an investors point of view, casting the most critical eye over it – I would say it came across as 'little boys trying' .....Sorry.
I got a sense of floundering, with lots of optimism, but no clear idea of things going forwards.
Not as a social media platform, but in the bigger sense of clear direction.

Maybe that's just me and not understanding the techy side of things - but many investors/ businessmen won't either.

From the business application point of view, the best presentation was by @grampo . By far and away, and probably the single most impressive talk I saw.


Seriously, Steeminc - you need people like this!
Feet on the ground, no nonsense, clear, and no bullshit.
I didn't necessarily agree with him on some things, but that's not the point.

Steem is dire need of this kind of perspective, in my opinion. Less clouds, more feet on the ground, type of thing.

As for an ambassador of the user experience @buttcoins did FAR better than any Steem members.

His enthusiasm for the potential of Steem jumped out of the screen, and was sorely needed, in what I saw, as quite a flat and emotionless 'performance' for want of a better word, from Steeminc.


Authenticity and passion is what's needed, not cold logic.

Personality, not code, for any hope of Steem to go forwards - for mass adoption.

And @buttcoins gave you that passion - in buckets!

Well done matey!

@elipowell – I was - very surprisingly, impressed (soz eli, but it really is a compliment, honest).
Because she seemed to have her feet very firmly 'on the ground' rather than 'head in the clouds' (which was my initial thoughts of her, before watching her on stage).
I think I would disagree fundamentally with her world perspectives, but that doesn't matter.
What matters - for the health and growth of Steem, is more people with their feet firmly on terra firma, and not people looking for the moon, with their craniums in the cumulus(arses).

Well done @elipowell !!!

@justinw @vandeberg @gerbino

I'm 'lumping these three', in together (no offense guys).
Not being a tech head, and most of what they said was lost on me, I got the impression that they were clear in their vision, in that regard.
They also highlighted why techies are best doing techy stuff and not PR stuff. ( as @vandenburg said himself, when discussing Steem ambassadors at other crypto events around the world).
Use talent where it's best employed
Horse for courses, and all that.

If I've forgotten to discuss anyone, it's because they never stood out to me.

Standing out is important when you're presenting the talent of your own company.

Strong personalities to flagship your project, is a massive asset.

More strong personality types, less sycophancy.

These two kinds of people don't generally gel well together, in my experience.

They are my impressions of the event.

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Appreciate the shout out m8.
Glad you could feel me... I actually completely reworked my plan the day before... as I had intended to talk about a project I’m working on... but felt it didn’t feel like me or what the conference needed. I needed to bring me and my story for why I want steem to make it.
So steemfest got full Butt in all my dipshit glory.
And as to your first point above... I think the point of steemfest is the meet up and social gathering mostly. A bit for showcasing projects but i don’t believe it’s about attracting investors at all.

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No worries, you were in the zone.

If it was for the social aspect of it, it worked fine then.

I'm a very 'business first, and party later, kind of person, and see Steem as in need of 'being serious' in the right area right now - cos if they ain't, there won't be any party later..!

I can see that... in one of the talks they were saying about having steem representatives at more serious conventions... I think that is the way forward for what you are speaking of. And I agree with you... some serious head down grounded business first is needed. In a way though, because of this unique model of being a social media site... I also see a benefit for all us users getting together face to face.
It certainly brings a sense of community that also feels vital...

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#SteemFest is a very unique event in the sense that you find yourself in a company of like-minded people with deep understanding of technology and its dynamics.

Even brief interactions can be very helpful. For example, @anyx pointed out potential problems in using SBDs for payments of liquid rewards, because of their limited supply.
In a similar way a chat with @roadscape brought up a notion of using hive communities as a source of authority for objects on Waivio. And @vandeberg reminded that escrow payments are already implemented at the base layer of Steem.
This list is going on and on.

I had numerious chats with bloggers who are using Steem every day to get their perspective on Waivio and using Steem as a platform for businesses. Some of them might be minnows here on Steem, but have lot's of business experience in real life.

So, overall, I believe SteemFest target audience are Steemians and this is a good thing ;-)

Thank for you support! Complete Waivio presentation is now available here.

I thought it went well.
No steemicide bummers crashed the party.
No major explosions.
They may actually be ready to get back to business.

time will tell, as always..