Rewarding a community, 'communism' as it should be. An experiment. And more profitable than just SP up voting.

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Ok, as per usual, I'm all gung ho, with an idea that I haven't fully thought through - but my initial thoughts on this might just be a new model in steem ....
(so forgive any idiotic sentences, this is a kind of stream of consciousness...)

I sold 125 steem the other day- at 27 cents
It's now selling at 21 ish. I made a fair amount, percentage wise - if I buy back now.
(125 x 6 or 7 cents, whatever).

Ok, NOW..... imagine if us steemians, rather than just rely of 'free upvotes', traded the markets instead, and returned a proportion of the profits to the people who upvote you? (give you the stake to trade).

My current measly 120 odd Sp doesn't give jack shit back to any of my up voters, BUT, if I transfer my profits back into steam, keep 50% for myself, and distribute the other 50 among my upvoters....
Ker-ching !!!!!!!!!! -for everyone involved.

Of course, this relies on me buying and selling at the right times ....BUT (and it's a bigger but that jenifer lopez''s butt)
It means 'we' profit - or lose - together - as a community.

What it means is, that for the first time as far as I can see - profiting of steem becomes more of a meritocratic exercise. i.e IF I'M GOOD ENOUGH to trade or not. (I have some experience in this , in trading fiat pairs, forex).
I like merit based systems. I tend to do well.

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And if people- better than myself are trading- and doing the same thing by giving back to the steem community - good luck to them!, is what I say.

I ask for no money to be handed over for me to do this - just up votes for my posts, as per usual - if you think they offer value.

It's a contract between myself, and myself, to reward those who support me.
I always honor contract.

So this is what I'm gonna do, as an experiment.....

1/ Trade my up voted amounts every time the steem value in my account hits the 6$, 9$, 18$,27$ value.
($27 is not an arbitrary number, I have my reasons for this, which is my 100% my business- and no one else's.
So far, I've turned 100's of steem into profit using my method, and I haven't lost money once. Not once.
I'm not suggesting this is some 'can't lose' equation, I can only tell you the story so far, based on my results

2/ I'll then return 50 % of any profits - to be distributed among my up voters. (NOT based on stake size, but on relationships, and nothing to do with sycophancy. ....Even @freebornangel will get his fair share! lol - as it should be).
If I lose out on my trades, we all lose, and if I don't, we all profit.
And profit much more than me giving out 0.001 cent, per upvotes.

THIS, in my opinion, is a community focused, ethical, redistribution of wealth mechanism.

This will also weed out the virtue signalers who 'talk a good game', but never truly give anything back.

There is a big difference giving something that costs nothing, and giving something that is yours (ie , and not a 'commons' reward pool).

It will be interesting to see if the 'big stake' holders pick up on this and upvote me big time to involve themselvess in the experiment.
Big upvotes doesn't mean big rewards coming back. This is changing the way to look at it.
Big upvotes means more distribution of wealth to the smaller up voting people on here.

This is circumventing the 'code is law', and is relying on relationships ....As so many virtue signalers here, keep going on about ....

'It's about the community, not rewards'.

....Yeah, we'll soon see about that....
Virtue signalers, I eat 'em for breakfast. (unfortunately though, I never fill up, as they have no substance).

Communism works great at the local level, it just fucks up when control freaks try to scale it up.
Simply because growing levels of bureaucracy, are required to administer the scaling up it, and bureaucracy is the death of anything working out good 'for the people'.

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Now, don't expect quick results, I'm busy doing other shit....
But my word is my contract, and this is what I'm gonna try. (how long for?- 1 month, 2 months?, I dunno - suggestions please)
For me- it's something new to try, and for you guys, who support my posts, and maybe it will even carve out something of a new paradigm in the ecosystem, going forwards.
(My free time will be increasing a little now, as my other shit is pretty much in place, and it's requiring less and less of my admin time.)

Long live meritocracies!

Ok, my stream of consciousness is over - I'm sure there are more holes in it than Swiss cheese, so feel free to comment.

Lucylin - A rebel without a clue!

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Well i have accumulated 8 Steem so if you want share some with me go right ahead lol's not about how much your vote is to me - you will be getting some back - and a lot more than my 10x 0.001 upvote would be!

10 x 0.0001 is 0.01. - if I upvoted your interaction with me, say.

If you get 0.10, (or more), directly into your wallet from me, thats around...

20x (or more) than what you would receive from my upvoting (after the curation split..)

Looking forward to seeing how this experiment works out going and it may well turn into a very helpful thing for all involved in steem.

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....maybe, matey, just maybe...

Just transferred back to steem, and getting ready to redistribute 9 steem to my voters/relationships....(which will immeasurably larger rewards, than my 0.001 upvote)

Well done that did not take you long👍

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I'm trying to figure out the number 27. Okay, I had to google it, nope does not fit me at all. It seems there are a shit load of meanings to the number 27. I guess just about every number has a meaning, the things you learn when curiosity takes hold.

Okay as a joke I typed in the meaning of 236, just to see if it had a meaning:

Angel Number 236 is a message from your angels that your monetary and financial needs will be met, so give any feelings of fear, lack or loss to your angels and the Ascended Masters for healing and transmutation. Trust that the Universe will ensure that your wants and needs will be provided for. Aug 1, 2011

I have no clue who these Angel number people are, but they have given meanings to a lot of numbers.

I wonder what the bad numbers are. Well enough about numbers, have fun with the buy sell thing.

I've just transferred back- with a 18/19 increase in steem.

I'll keep 9 myself, and distribute the other 9 to my various upvoters/relationships, on here.

You are on the list matey!
I need a fucking list! lol...

.....oh, it's not numerology, it's a mathematical kind of thing, that suits my mentality/psychology.

So I jumped down a silly rabbit hole and it is nothing but a mundane math thing, oh well, it was kind of fun learning about numbers. Some people, (the number meaning writers), have far to much time on their hands.

am all about threes and derivatives of it , am into gematria
everything isn't 'trustless systems' that code is law/God whatever
is opposite for me, I want to know what type of human I'm handing off any type of baton too

I wish I had more freetime , that's an understatement but I've been a hard critic of DPOS systems and this whole trustless system of people full of shit
I believe in meritocracy therefore my posts make basically nothing but dust so I've been here for other reasons as I truly could do better things with my time.
There was a time it wasn't all hustle and some actual real win/win and good was done.
right now am not sold on what the fearless leadership for a variety of rabbit hole reasons,
rebel with a clue

...meritocracy is not a belief system. It's logic. lol have a clue..... I wish I could find one.

Man you sure are working hard for that penny tonight.

ain't i , just.



I like the concept , disconnect steem value from the votes , no more poor and wealthy voters as you yourself decide how you spread your profit's , or loss , among your "voters" . Sort of like taking responsibility over your distribution of SP by doing it manual , spread the value the way you think is fair . Sounds like a lot of work , if successful a good tutorial would be nice . Or someone could create a app for this ? It might give me reason to get some steem out of splinterlands , did put in about a 50 when that game started , about worth a 1000 steem by now giving me some DEC daily , leaving that 50 as SP would never made me anything , whales would have swallowed it . So please continue experimenting on swiss cheese ;-)

I think it is well worth the experiment - and it definitely changes the dynamics.

tutorial? fuck off lolol

I know , your clueless , so just tell what drugs your on while trading ;-)

Nicotine and caffeine mostly.

Never mix mind altering substances and 'money' - it always end badly.

So true , THC altered my mind in to thinking "money" is a mind-fuck made up fantasy ... and i am not allowed to fantasy's or take "money" form the imaginary future like Bank employees do . ...
Me entering a Bank for business always end's badly . ;-)

Much like you, i havent a clue. I’m just a bumbling butt. The moment numbers come into my head they turn into a bit of a Jackson pollock painting. Lol. But on a surface level.... i like the sound of it... and i say do it. 3 months sounds like a good length of trial to me.
There is nothing quite like stumbling forward into the dark to test all ideas.
So i say stumble forth, discover for yourself if you are a genius or an Igor of a genius. 🤣.... definitely let me know the results... especially if you owe me any money because your genius plan was a success!😉

3 months sounds like a sensible length of time.

I'm a few IQ points off being a genius so no stumbling needed, on that score.

There is nothing quite like stumbling forward into the dark to test all ideas.

Story of my

Owe you money? humph!

Steem on!

I won't be doing much steeming today (for a few hours at least)
.....heavy night. lolol

Hmmm... I'm not a very good trader though, and that seems to be the essence of your proposal, no?

yup- with other peoples upvotes for my posts - trade and make profit, then return it to the upvoters/people I interact with.
Make profit, everyone wins big time (realtive to miniscule upvote power of small accounts)
Lose - Only I lose. (steem).

my upvote , with 130 sp is 0.001 (if i rememebr correctly - I have a fuzzy head this morning)

If I send you, say, 0.1 steem (2.2 cents ish) directly to your wallet - it's (roughly) the equivalent of upvoting with my sp a hundred times.
Ooops - 200 hundred times - 50% goes to others.

And if I lose my trades?
I lose, you don't get 2.2 cents. Hardly a crisis.

Can be very much a big win, though.

Ok. Thanks for that explanation.

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hmm... the problem is meritocracies is way to skewed towards capitalism (eg. capitalism doesn't value or give much merit to nurturing, mentoring, parenthood, even lower level teaching, all sorts of volunteering - the people who actually give shit and wipe shit and clean vomit in a orphanage/disable/underfundedage home, the guy who holds the lolly pop sign so kids don't get run over, the grandma who gives her time to encourage remote teaching online, etc), nothing wrong with either if they are part of a pie...but the whole pie, noi bueno

.... also too bad the creative don't support the supporters back, oh well, I suppose popularity is itself a kind of capitalism once it's monetized