Patriots Sunday roast...Don't trust a voluntary slave, to talk of freedom. Or Rose gardens..

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Many people are not even aware of their own slavery.
No, seriously - they're not.

If you pay tax on your earnings, then it means that an authority is forcibly extracting wealth off your labor - with a threat of punishment if you do not agree to pay.

(That's extortion, by the way).



Does that make you feel all nice and fuzzy?
Or does it annoy you, somehow? Infuriate you because you know it yourself already, deep down?
You know that you are someone else's bitch?
Does it make want to jump to the defense of the system to validate your own position in the world?

Do you know what Stockholm syndrome, is?


A bitter pill to swallow for sure, I understand - I had to swallow it years ago....but...' I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden'... (in this post).

Would you prefer a quiet life and slave dom, rather than a harder life, and freedom?
Many would, it seems...

There is a real cost to being free, but most are unwilling to pay the price.
I understand.
I was a slave once, myself...

Do you also depend on the state for health, education, or childcare support?


The rewards for being a good slave makes the bitterness of captivity taste a little sweeter, I suppose.

Indeed, Stockholm syndrome is sucking off the teat of your resource rapist.
Defending the system by entering into the extortion contract voluntarily, is something else.

These truths are self evident - yet they still cause a state of denial in the slave.


To acknowledge that you're a voluntary slave, is to automatically absolve yourself of any credibility, to be able to even offer an opinion on freedom.

How can you talk of freedom with any credibility, while you're also willingly partaking in the rape of your own resources by 'the man'?

Would you take the heroin addicts argument for free heroin as having much validity?

Then why on earth would you take a person argument or perspective as valid concerning freedom, while not having the personal fortitude to live the principals?
Sounds a lot like a politician to me, waging war while not going to the fight themselves.

Never trust a politician, they're wankers.

It's nothing but grade A hypocrisy.

You cannot trust someone who talks of matters of freedom, while they happily sit into a cage of their own making, locking the key from the inside, and then throwing the key to their masters.


Well, maybe you can trust the politically astute, and if so, that's not my problem.
But you do have a problem.

If you don't suffer extreme cognitive dissonance holding the slave position, while talking freedom, then you must be a liar and/or manipulator.
The consummate hypocrite.

Now that I'm not a slave, and the freedom it gives me, also gives me a perspective impossible for those in the cage to see.
To argue this, is for the blind man to argue about the color red with a man who can see.

The thing about freedom is, it's a smell above all things. It's an emotional state.
You have it or you don't.

I'll trust someone anytime, one who can 'smell the roses', who talks from a position of being free, over someone who 'talks the talk', about the smell and concept of freedom.
They don't know jack, but will try to convince you that they do.

You cannot be both free, and a slave.
It's a contradiction in logic.
You cannot argue about freedom, while voluntarily sitting there in chains..

Don't be a hypocrite, it makes you look disingenuous, small, and maybe even holding other (hidden) agendas.

Shut up.... or be free - and then shout about it from the roof tops.

I have sovereignty over my self.

Do you?

I truly, truly, truly, hope you do.


Outside that self imposed slavery cage, 'The air smells just like a rose garden...'


Arbitrage is not taxed as well as the winnings of legal suits.

"May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!"

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animated in the contest of freedom — go home from us in peace."

--Sam Adams (the early patriot, not the beer company.)