I've might have something, and I'm not sure that I want to give it you...

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It's not catching or anything, don't worry - BUT it could be very relevant to everyone in Steem.

IF it is as big a find, as I think it is, (very early stages) then it could change the whole dynamic of this place.


It could be irrelevant of course - but I just don't see how when it comes to Steem users mindsets, going forwards.

This is not bashing of Steem, btw - far, far from it, in fact.

(it's better news for smaller accounts than larger ones, from what I see..).

You know when you just 'come across' something, and then you get that feeling that you've just discovered a real nugget - well, it's kinda like that.

I'm gonna have to forgo the post I was in the middle of writing today, and explore this further, now that I'm in this bloody rabbit hole....bugger.

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....the first thing to do, is to research and if there have been posts written about this before...

What's interesting about this so far- as I see it right now- is that it means that I've been totally wrong about some things.
(see hissy fits for reference).
SO wrong.

The next question I find myself asking, is :

IF the information I collate, does support my initial thoughts - DO I REALLY WANT TO SHARE IT?

Yup it really is that kind of nugget. (If I'm right).

(it has nothing to with 'holes in the system to be exploited', or any such bollocks.)

Have great Sunday everyone, I need to go do some digging...

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