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Now before all you witty people say ' fucking hell, that's a new one, lets hear it....'


I just read a post by @practicalthought and, as ever, he had some intelligent things to say.

One of the things he mentioned, was him powering down to liquid steem. Not necessarily to sell, but to have the option, depending on how things pan out with the TRON situation. (rather than having to wait 13 weeks).

So then I looked at how much SP is needed to give one cent upvotes to anyone. I haven't looked at that for months.
See below.


Anyone can power up immediately, from liquid steem.

When you have a small amount of SP (less than 1300 ), what is the incentive to be powered up?
I mean, I upvote, but my measly amounts makes no real difference, except to let people know that I read an article, or to acknowledge a reply.

Can anyone give me logical reason NOT to power down and just keep it in liquid steem?

(even without considering the ongoing tron thingy ).

When/if I reach the 1300 sp mark, I can just power up again, immediately.
....and meanwhile, I can still keep enough in the SP account to still up vote a recognition of interactions.
That's it.
Nothing deep, and probably not that important, but thought I'd mention it.

(did I also mention that I've a free day, and lots of free time?)

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It's way cooler to burn it while on LSD:P

Everything is way cooler, on LSD!

You've been waiting all your life for this: https://tron.network

Have you checked to see if you make any curation rewards? (I'm thinking no) but it's worth checking.

Otherwise you will only give people a tiny increase, probably adds up over time, but yeah at the current price and with EIP being what it is, it is a tough climb for small account these days..

I think it is a reasonable choice. The real question is who votes for you and how would they feel about it... I built my account slowly in the beginning when we had a tough curve like this, but the price was better so... I totally understand why it is reasonable to consider it.

It's also a pity that comments are so poorly rewarded now which definitely seems to have cut interactions.

I try to hit them all or most of them, but it is really expensive in terms of VP to keep them above the dust level.

Let's hope for higher prices.

It's sad, because there was a time where I had many days where I earned more from active engagement than from my top level posts...

Agreed, if there was one huge downside to the last HF it was the effect on commenting rewards.

...there seems to be logic to keeping steem liquid, and powering up every 1250 steem (if you want to build the account and give higher votes ).
At least you will be feeling to make a difference with voting that way.

As it stands now, the incentive to help out by ultra minuscule amounts, doesn't really make any difference to anyone. (psychologically).

I took out 125 yesterday, with the intention of trading it back sometime - I'm confident you could make more money trading that way, and giving away some of the profits to your fellow upvoters, rather than mini upvotes...

We'll see, I'm not over concerned about it.
(Did I mention I have a lot of free time today?)

Challenge!!!!!!! - give me a video to make - no matter how bizarre...
....give me a topic and in the context that you want to see it expressed.

This isn't just for the challenge - It's also a test run for something else that I've been thinking about.
(Praising andrarchy might be a bridge to far, but even then, I'll do my best)

ps....being I am pinching pennies that upvote is all you are getting out of me. lol

I feel honored...

....you should, giving out raises don't come easy around here. (lmao) Of course...don't spend it all in one place.

I have an idea that may see big returns on your upvote......!

.....as long as it's free, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Someone delegated me a few steem, that brings my account to a bit over 1100, I didn't need to be at twelve to vote you a penny. It's nice to be worth a bit more than a fraction of one penny when voting but I admit it has now made me a penny pincher.....am I never satisfied? lol

A one penny vote is the psychological watershed I think...

I've just had another thought! - 2 in one day...

See how the bigger account really want more distribution by delegating enough for every account (people that are real with a track record of posting or something..) to be able to upvote one penny - irrelevant of agreeing with type of content.

I vow not to have another thought today - my head hurts..

I've been on here over two years and no one's felt that way about me up until about two weeks ago. lol. I upvote people I don't agree with quite a bit...that's because no matter how small a sliver it is if I am going to leave a comment, sometimes quite a wordy comment I might as well get a sliver. Now if they don't want that delegation to come with any risk(s) at all it's going to take a whole lot more than a penny to accomplish that.....lol.

Anyway, really dude when has anything on here been on the up and up.

Anyway, really dude when has anything on here been on the up and up.

It was/is that feeling, that persuaded me not to hodl steem.
If you don't feel 'grounded' in a space because of 'a feeling' you have, best not to sit and do nothing.

(I've had enough real life experiences to always trust my gut feeling. It's a far better barometer than my brain!lol)

Well another way of looking at it is 'why power down with such small sp holdings? I. Mean 1300 sp will only fetch like $400 today. Might as well not power down at all if I don't hold any significant sp...that's partly my reasoning

Well another way of looking at it is 'why power down with such small sp holdings?

...because it doesn't do anything?
....and at least if its liquid, you can choose to do something with it. (as opposed to waiting 13 weeks first).
Having it tied up, doesn't allow you to do anything with it , no matter how small the amount.

(I took 125 out yesterday at 27cents - now its valued at 21 cents = 125 x 6 cents = whatever profit after fees)
The option is there if in liquid, to do something with it.

If I buy back right now, I could give my regular supporters actual steem into their accounts - from my profit - which would be immeasurably larger than my 0.0001 cent upvote.
It's a win win for everyone, if you look at it that way...

This has given me an idea in fact....(having waaaaay too many thoughts today)

Lol... Point taken

Rewards coming you way into your wallet, from my profit. You are very welcome.
(might be an hour or three - still getting lists together)

You got my ideas gelling yesterday - and now I'm putting into an experiment...

part 1

part 2

There are two reasons to power up.

  • Curation rewards
  • Inflation

Inflation is like getting interest on your powered up STEEM.
The "savings" account doesn't seem to work anymore,
so if you want to get free STEEM just for having STEEM, you need to have it powered up.

Curation rewards. Get STEEM for voting.
It was at the point of 1 MVest that curating became easy

Lastly, the rewards a person gets on their posts is made up of dozens of half pennies. So, every little bit helps.

Liquid steem is diluted by the inflation.
Powered up steem gives curation rewards, and sp rewards.
Not much but it slows down inflation dilution.

I just read a post by @practicalthought and, as ever, he had some intelligent things to say.

Thanks for the kind words.

On a side note, where the hell is my feed? Not sure what the purpose of following others is now if there is no feed.

I still have a feed, but I also have weird number over my avatar - its all gone a bit different! lol