Hello everyone...

in blog •  2 months ago 

I'll just leave this here, until later.

I'll be posting again, but not as you've known it....

More info coming soon!

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Way back that is , like middle ages i guess , did the time machine malfunction ?
Or is this a clever plan to break the John Connor loop that created Skynet ?

And hello to you to ;-)

skynet sound uncomfortably similar to steemit, doesn't it? lol

Is that your new gaff bought from your steem earnings? Nice!

Lol - I wish!

It's beautiful, but not what I expected :P
It's always good to see you around :)

As for me, I can't say I'm 100% back. Well, to be honest, I am never 100% gone anyways ... but, I will pop in whenever I can to check my feed, write something and check how peachy things are for you guys <3

Bye for now :)

I was sort of, only half sort of expecting to see a slow zoom in on the duck in the pond after all the peaceful views, and then seeing it explode, as a mushroom cloud slowly rises above the pond.

lolol - I was tempted....

That must have been a short romance.

? me no understandee

....it was meant as a (lame) joke.

.....You must have tough couple of months...lol

You'd know it. I have to finish it to get past it, just been keeping busy doing other stuff to settle down and finish that disgruntlement off.