A taste of things to cum....Steemit exclusive.

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I was going to give a brief synopsis of what I've been upto this last few months, away from Steemit, but I'll leave that 'til later.
It's all good though, so no hassles.

Here's a sample of things to come. (yeah I click baited the word 'cum' in the title, just for extra hits.)

Wow, Dtube seems to have improved a lot since I left...Very quick!

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Oh shit!
That is too funny.
Open your mind's eye, nft's!

Hello you commie! lol - nice to chat again!

Man, i can't wait,...give 'em a left, and a right!

Hahahaha, you have been busy!

lol- this? No ....I've started up two new businesses (offline).
Now that's was a little bit hectic.

I'm not hands on any longer as they run themselves, pretty much. (only small affairs)

I'll be doing a news report on what I've been up to, though!

Yes, yes, I know all that. Don't you know I hang upon your every word?


Why did you have to go and spoil everything? Me and Lucy were getting along so well. Besides, even the judge admitted I wasn't a stalker but something far more than that.
I much preferred you before your transition!

How can you know all that?

I haven't told anyone about it. (not on social media anyways) You're not that girl from the other night are you?.... the 'are you not sitting down and joining us, you can have some of my chicken masala?'

Bloody hell, a stalker. lol

Hang on to my every word?
That's a new one - I've found someone at last! lolol

Short memory....you told on one of your post you were starting up a new business venture. Of course that would still be speculation as to where you were at but none the less you did mention it.

I did?
It was 'in the pipeline' for while, so you might well be correct, I might have mentioned it. (I ain't gonna go and check!)

I'll do a montage maybe, to update you and anyone that's interested, on the journey.
I'll see if my news station will let me do 'a patriot special'. lol.

It's nothing epic, but it is pretty hands off (now).
I'm not greedy nowadays - So I pay everyone so well that they can't afford to leave, and then just take a smaller cut, without the stress of running things.
(organize it well from the beginning, and you're sorted!)

There's no might well be about it! As sunlit said, you mentioned some months back that as a result of your extreme shrewdness and perspicacity you were free to live the dream while some lowlife minion picked up the slack.
I'd recommend plenty of leafy greens to improve your aging memory.

I make a wicked Sag Aloo, so i'll heed your words and spinach up...

Knowing you I bet you did. lol.

Yup, I'd have to agree with ya.