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Am I really stupid?

Well, yeah, obviously.

Everyone is, don't kid yourself otherwise.

BUT, there are different levels of stupid.
Now - for the first time history - there's a way to work out just how stupid you really are, without resorting to IQ testing.

I was gonna sell the kit for $29.99, but then realized only the dufus level of stupid, would ever buy it. It would be a waste of money for them. They wouldn't understand it.
(And , I'd feel like I was ripping them off)

So I'm gonna give it away for free - on Steemit.!!!!!!!!!

Here goes:

Question 1

When someone calls you stupid, what emotions does that bring up inside?

a) Laughter?

b) A desire to rip the head off the person that just said it, and shit down their throat?
c) Silence, shortness of breath, and an aversion to ever communicating with that person, ever again?

Question 2

When it becomes apparent they you are stupid, or have been stupid over something, what is your reaction?

a) An overwhelming desire to refute your stupidity, and refusal to admit it to others - ever.

b) A warm glow of enlightenment , and the recognition of an opportunity to grow out of dark ignorance and into the light? ( plus a lot of laughing at yourself at the same time , for your own stupidity).

c)Silence, shortness of breath, and a soul deep burning hatred of the person that pointed your stupidity out to you?

(It's not so much of a kit, as a questionnaire, really - but I thought the header title sounded better , calling it 'a kit').

The answers:

a)If you don't know them by now - you are stupid.

b)If you do know them now, and they are not sitting very comfortably with you at all -Then you are stupid, but there is some hope.
(Not a lot, but lets be optimistic, hey?)

c)You're nodding wisely, and your're laughing at your own stupidity for not coming up with this kit yourself!

In my next post

The Daily Patriot will soon be making a massive announcement!


Coming up in the next few hours....(when I the Daily Patriot staff finally finish editing the goddamn video..lazy bastards..)


D. P. productions will be launching it's own SMT!

Details in the upcoming video....honest.

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