Take A Pic #24 entry.

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This is an entry for Take A Pic Contest by @olivia08.

The theme for this week is Crown/Corona.

I don't own a crown and I don't have an nearby at the moment I'm writing this post but I do have some ideas about crown.

With this idea of mine, it mean that I will always have a crown on me.

Can you guess?

Here it is.

I ask my colleague if I can take a photo of his hair.


And here is my crown 😊


Why do I say that my hair is my crown?

  • If I take care of it properly, it will shine like a crown.
  • When I comb it down nicely or tie it up beautifully, people will say that you have a beautiful hair.
  • One more thing, it's on my head, just like a crown 😊

I hope you like my crown.

Another crown that I can remember is while waiting to give birth to my daughter, if I'm not mistaken it's called something like crowning. For that kind of crown 🤭 I now have a princess.

I thought that I can't think of anything for this contest, well here I am with my entry and hopefully @olivia08, Is my crown acceptable for your contest?



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So funny, you made me smile my fear. And what a crown of the first picture. Thank you dear.

I'm glad I could still make someone smile this day 😊 Have a nice day to you.