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Steemfest 4 ....My take on things so far.

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#SteemFest is a very unique event in the sense that you find yourself in a company of like-minded people with deep understanding of technology and its dynamics.

Even brief interactions can be very helpful. For example, @anyx pointed out potential problems in using SBDs for payments of liquid rewards, because of their limited supply.
In a similar way a chat with @roadscape brought up a notion of using hive communities as a source of authority for objects on Waivio. And @vandeberg reminded that escrow payments are already implemented at the base layer of Steem.
This list is going on and on.

I had numerious chats with bloggers who are using Steem every day to get their perspective on Waivio and using Steem as a platform for businesses. Some of them might be minnows here on Steem, but have lot's of business experience in real life.

So, overall, I believe SteemFest target audience are Steemians and this is a good thing ;-)

Thank for you support! Complete Waivio presentation is now available here.

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