Early Start

in #blog3 months ago


It was just shy of 6am when I stepped outside today, heading towards Lahti for a photography job. It’s going to be a really long day but hopefully a fun one.

It’s promised to be -20 degrees with sunshine today in our destination so that gives probably a real pretty backdrop but also poses its own challenges.

I’ll try to nap a bit own the way, while being a little jealous that I don’t have a unicorn stuffed animal with me like one of my companions in the car.

We are listening to the Bodyguard movie soundtrack, that’s a little hint of what this weekend is all about.



I hope you had a good day on the job! Oh my God your boots are super cute!

I know right!? And these are not only cute but also very warm.

The best! Super cute!

Eskimo boots and fluffy unicorn...So...Getting freaky in Lahti is on the agenda it seems. Lol.

Have a good weekend Evie me girl.

Definitely getting freaky, hanging with lots of people with very twisted humour, just like mine 😁

I’ve noticed you’ve changed the way you call me, I wonder if that is a way of hinting me you have been kidnapped 🤔

Well, I expect photos you know, so you better get on it! 😃

Ah yes good call I called you Evie...Maybe we should formalise Evie me girl as a code for I've been kidnapped by ISIS, they put me in an orange boiler suit and are going to cut my head off on TV. Hmm, on second thought it's too long...Let's use fucking help! for that situation instead.

I don't know, I guess I just said it...I'm Australian and we do random things sometimes, use nicknames a lot for people we like...I just don't always do it because I don't know how people will react.

So...I hope your freaky-time goes well. Stay safe and warm and don't get those legit eskimo boots all dirty in the snow.

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