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Im still trying to get back on my feed, getting things ready to start posting daily and even doing some videos but Im trying to structure things to make this process as smooth as possible.

For the past days exactly on February the 10 I notice STEEM broke the resistance at approximately 2100 sats


We enter this range exactly on August 2019 and I knew that when it was time to brake out it was going to be hard and not gradual like other pumps, the only reason I had this idea is because it was stuck at this range for almost 6 months just going up and down its true that on January 18/2020 we had a spike but there was no follow up but now STEEM broke the 2100 sats mark and its bouncing right from that mark, there for on Feb. 11 I take a position at 0.00002131 sats and then sell at 0.00002640


Taking home over 25% sweet sweet profit, not bad for my second trade after 3 months out of crypto but it is very likely to a lot of ppl to make profit during times like this when there is fomo everywhere and everything is starting to pump.

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Good Luck, Thanks

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