No more white giraffes

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It was really sad to read the news that the last female white giraffe and her calf had been killed by poachers in Kenya.

There is still one male white giraffe left but with no females left, it is a matter of time before none are around anymore.

It is easy to hate the poachers and they deserve all the hate they get. However, some of the blame also needs to be put on our economic system that makes the killing of rare animals the best way to feed their families.

Our economic system is broken and if we don't take the steps to fix it, I'm afraid the negative consequences will only increase in the future as more people become marginalized with the rise of robots and AI.

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If real journalism still existed, the name of the poachers and who bought the last female would be all over the news. Then people would be able to exert revenge.

very sad

It is very sad indeed. Imagine being the last of your species.

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