Good Morning! Sunrise Photos

in blog •  3 months ago 


One of the things I love about my place is the roof top garden on the 47th floor where anyone can go take a walk and enjoy the view.

Decided to test out the camera of my new Oppo AX5 phone with some shots at sunrise.

It was a cool, empty morning up on the top. I guess everyone was asleep at 7 a.m.

Our city is really built up although there are pockets of green among the hustle and bustle.

The camera on the AX5 is a lot better than my previous Xiaomi's although not as good as the Huawei's. If Huawei hadn't been kicked off the Google Play store, I'd have got it instead.


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Nice photos! =D

Thank you! Glad someone saw them before the whole site went down :)

That's quite the skyline... Beats any view I get in São Paulo.

But you have lovely beaches and a national park that makes up for it 😀

lovely beaches

any remotely good beaches in my country are private. also there are no beaches in são paulo

national park

huh? what park is that?

Serra do Mar national park?

That's in Rio de Janeiro, a different state. :P