Comparing Virus Case Numbers Is Meaningless

in blog •  3 months ago 


Open the newspaper everyday and there is always a report on the number of new cases discovered each day.

The thing I want to point out is that the situation may look bad in certain countries like Italy and Korea but that's because they are testing way more people.

Korea is testing something like 10 times what other countries are testing.

Recently, we had a lady return from India, which supposedly has like 20 cases in a 1.4 billion population. Either she is very unlucky or they have a lot more cases running around undetected.

The west seems to be in the grip of a panic right now and if how it unfolded here was anything to go by, it will take a few weeks more for the panic to subside.

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It "officially" reached Brazil just a few days ago.

Hope it doesn't get too bad there. Sometimes the panic is worse than the actual disease.