Some rambling and reflecting on 2019

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I feel I might be losing the gist of rambling here on Steem due to December being so busy. Though I'm happy to tell that I'm no longer gonna be busy waking 5 am to deliver mail: Monday was my last day at the postal service and I have two weeks off until school starts. I have hit some personal records by sleeping 12 hours or so during the last 24, which is almost unheard of me. I suppose it's no wonder though as there was a period of 14 days in which 11 was spent at work. The nice thing (on top of getting a decent pay from December) was that I got some chocolate gifts from a few people on my delivering route, good way to end in the job.

Having spent so much time hookering my soul (a term I use for doing a job that must be done out of necessity rather than will), I have developed much better ability to blabber bullshit, though I didn't usually spit random stuff to anyone, because not many would've had any idea or interest of what I'm talking about. Luckily @rrusina was there to keep me company every now and then when sorting mail, who by some miracle enjoys my random brain farts that extent from black holes and psychology to completely random songs that appear in my jukebox and just completely nonsensical things that are stored in the collective meme-consciousness. There's probably some correlation with the fact that I also managed to lure her into Steem :D


This Christmas is unfortunately a black one here in South-Finland, but I don't mind since the past year has been epic: a lot of work, but a lot of fun also. There was Norway roadtrip, there was Steemfest in Thailand and a first full year having shot with a DSLR camera. Existing relationships were fostered and new ones created, and some were relinquished after a long break. One mind-blowing thing I realized when I was on a cruising with three friends last weekend was that two of them I was in the same primary school with. The third one was on the neighbor class and also on the same kindergarten, as was the other of the first two I mentioned – the guy who had been diagnosed with cancer, in fact, but has since recovered fully. For the past years though, some I had not stayed in touch as much, but through the third friend this network came back a full circle. And there we were, after all these years, drinking bad tapwine and getting tipsy on a jazzy buffet (at least the food was good).

The year is not over yet though, because like last year, there's going to be another New Years Mökki case this year (mökki=cottage for those who've missed my Finnish lessons). It's gonna be a blast, because it's going to be even bigger than last year, with more guys than ever before. Hopefully nobody ends up in the hospital like last year – nothing serious though because nobody died, lol. Shit tends to happens when bunch of young men gather together, let's put it that way.

It's black Christmas, but I found couple nice pictures from last year, when it was snowy, and gave them a retouch – they were actually taken on the first day I took my Nikon D5200 out for a walk, so I had uploaded them as is, since I had not gotten familiar with editing yet. I was still smart enough to shoot in RAW format should I ever want to have a look on them.

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DSC_6274 Custom.jpg

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Hyvää joulua!

Merry Christmas!


Of course @celestal :D It was pleasure to hear your interesting (in a good way!) toughs. Luckily you started speaking those to me, it's been nice meet you.
Wish your end of year will be awesome, based on your plans it sure will be :)

Luckily you started speaking those to me, it's been nice meet you.

Like said: I have a pretty good intuition when it comes to people and if they'd like my musings ;)
Unfortunately you're gonna have to handle all the posti without my ramblings from now on, try not to lose your mind.

Wish your end of year will be awesome, based on your plans it sure will be :)

Yup, and I can only imagine the shenanigans we'll come up with this time, lol.

Well thanks dude for your words, must try keep my mind :D

Hyvää joulua!

Kuin myös!


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