The Grind

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The Grind... is what every day feels like at the moment.

Not quite sure what happened to throw me in bit of a slump, although I'm not entirely sure if it's a general slump or just a blogging one.

I'm pretty much going through the motions.

Wake up, change nappy, feed Bella, put her to sleep, feed some more, lots of repetitive "No baby!" "Please don't......", also lots of cuddles and giggles in between so it's not all bad.

I'm a little bit pulling my hair out trying to decide on her first birthday outfit. Yes, I know, first world probs ~ but it's keeping me occupied instead of stressing and obsessing over bloody ScoMo and his mandatory vaccination.

Another thing keeping me occupied is Splinterlands. Loving the game, hating the miner accounts, but loving Bella's Zaku card.

I think this is the earliest I've gotten Bella into Diamond II.


I was pushing to get her into Champion II last season but I gave up in the end. I reckon I may have a shot this time around.

Aside from that, nothing much going on over here.

Waiting for silver to arrive. Praying it does arrive.

Also praying for some trees to remain upright and some to fall (but not on the house!!!) in this hectic wind we're going through at the moment.

2020 eh?!! What a year!

Hope you're all well!!



I read this and then went and played the faily for the first time in a long time (I deliberately left the typo in there this time as that's precisely what I've been doing XD) and as it turns out I can use white if I'm super aggressive XD

Yay for getting into Diamond!

Hope your silver arrives soon :)