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I am always looking for ways to improve the way my Milky Way photo look and I recently discovered something pretty cool. Its a program called Sequator and it allows you to take multiple images and stack them to create a better image with less noise. In this particular photo I used sixteen shots from a time-lapse I took a while back. I think the software did a pretty amazing job and really brought out more detail and color in the shot. Its not perfect though as it did take out part of a telephone pole and the wires in this shot.

This is an edit I shared in the past and I think its really easy to tell what a difference stacking shots makes. I am going to look through other time-lapse shots I have done in the past and see if I can stack the shots to make an even more impressive image. Which edit do you like most?

16 Stacked Shots
Canon EOD 6D
25 Second exposure
3200 iso
14mm Rokinon

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Your Milky Way photos always impress me. Between these two photos, I especially like the first one. The lights are gorgeous. Well done! ;)

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Thank you @tangmo I am really having fun with this software to try and improve some of my old shots.

You're welcome! ;)

Beautiful. Love how the stacking made the blues pop brighter near the center!

Your juxtaposition of blue against orange is also not a bad idea from an image-creation standpoint, :P.

I agree, the blues look a lot better in the stacked shot. I tend to favor blue when editing my shots.

Manually curated by the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you @qurator I appreciate the support

Our pleasure :)