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RE: Prayers are not enough - Re: the Acceleration of Violent White Nationalism in the United States

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Your post overwhelmed me, frankly. White women are raising these white men, right? I am SO GLAD to be out of that toxic culture. Raising my daughter in Buddhist Thailand is a real mirror on what values matter. But Australia sorted the gun violence simply and easily. That Americans keep VOTING more of this stuff in bewilders me. The beginning of change can only come at 2 levels: new alternate leadership, and in people's hearts. Maybe prayers IS where it's at, if people prayed to ask how they could personally begin to effect change.

Always so many wonderful places on earth to live - staying in a toxic culture without actively creating change is also a choice. And not a good one.

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yes, i've been spending a lot of time reflecting on this and i do think it boils down to the aggressive colonization of america via guns... americans are simply tied to their guns. it's not an excuse just more of a baseline understanding. i do think there would be a type of civil war if guns were ever banned. i do see some political leaders running for office saying we need to ban assault weapons and have more stringent laws and regulations in order to get guns... but, as you say, white women are raising these men and i think this is where it starts. in the home. in the mentality and heart-space.
i was very impressed that new zealand, after the mosque shooting, immediately banned guns. that is so encouraging! i just don't think it would happen in america.
i also hear ya when you say to live in a toxic culture without producing change is not a good choice -- for sure! i'm really trying to see how i, as a white woman, can step in and provide some healing in this culture with such a history and present-time of violence. prayers are included. thanks for your thoughts.