Is there any value in shitposting?

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today I will make a somehow different post. I've been thinking lately about shit posting. Why? Because most of the post in here are shit posts. I'm not excluding myself from this observation, for the record.

I was trying to curate in a community the other day, but it was full of really, really low quality posts where barely I found 3 worth reading that have been written in the past 12 hours.

The interesting thing is, there was a lot of interaction in the comment sections of some shit posts. Most of the people commenting did not care about the quality and the length of the post, they cared about the theme and the idea.

This made me think, the form in which the content is presented, does not matter, as long it resonates with the audience. And then I remembered tiktok, the social media platform of real low value, but with an amazing success.

We need to admit, the real quality writers are on medium, not in here, here we have the normal people, that shitpost out of fun. If there are good posters, mostly they will be scared away somehow, or this is my point of view, which can be wrong.

Is shit posting damaging the platform? In my view, not really as it offers a place for people to feel good, especially for the idealist that like it decentralized.

Do we get some good information out of the posts? Sometimes we do. I got some lately, that helped me. Yes, it is not the go place for information, but it is nice to find something useful.

So, do I see it as a bad thing? No, I don't, as long as people resonate, interact and have fun.

I wish you all, happy (shit) posting!


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You could always go farm moon on reddit. Very profitable from what I hear.

How many on facebook or twitter seek quality posts? NO ONE.

It should be about fun and engagement etc.

As long as the focus is quality vs. shit posts it will likely remain devoid of those who aren't poor and don't consider themselves authors.

I don't need to write a carefully crafted post, because I'm not an author and I'm not poor.

We could reward people for engagement and traffic instead and it would be a better metric.

Came for the money, stayed for the free speach.
If success in the hive was too easy it wouldn't be cool, everybody would do it.

Welp, I try to not shitpost anymore. It was really hard for my last post where I wanted Norma - Brain Power to be the new POB anthem. There is really not much else to say or to deep dive into. You either like the track or you dont.

On the other hand I actually think many high value hive posts are too long. I think hive should be like a newspaper. In a newspaper you will find a lot of shorter articles and some even about random stuff like a doggo looking cute.

Another way to look at it: Donals Trump tweets are pretty much shitposts. But having the real Donald J Trump here on hive posting I would not mind him having 10-20k rewards on just two sentences. They could mean a lot coming from him after all.