Different kind of birthday

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today was the first birthday where no one could come by to have a cake or a drink.

Usually on the birthdays before it was open house and we had visitors from all over the world.

Today it was a more virtual open house, as when my wife brought the cake we called our relatives and friends via video. They have been present but on a small screen. I was happy that they are ok, that is form me the most important thing, their safety.

It was strange, as I miss so many people. Don't get me wrong, it was a cool birthday, a real easy going one, as I worked from home, had the time to answer calls and to eat some cake.

I also got a cool gift from my wife. It is a beard tending set as with the whole situation is bigger than normal.

I like that she takes care of me as she tried to make my life perfect today.

When do you have your birthday? How do you celebrate it in this time of quarantine?


I had my birthday on first of April, and was probably the saddest b-day... No family, no friends, no relatives, no colleague. Nobody. I spent the day alone, trying to forget that it was the day when I turned 40...

Happy Happy my man! I hope you had a wonderful day. It's time like this that show you that all the fancy restaurants in the world can't make you as happy as a call from a family member or friend. I also had my birthday a few weeks ago in lockdown. I have been on a chocolate ban since then 😅

Happy Birthday Alex, you are a good man.

Thank you. Yes, time like this, you are so right! Hope you and you hubby are fine!

Happy Birthday Alex!

I'm not much for celebrating my birthday, so I don't suppose this year will be any different:) I'm guessing next year when I turn 70 a few people might call...

I just looked. 2 years ago I was with my brother on the Columbia River. I guess that qualifies as a celebration.


It definitely qualifies! I was always thinking you are somewhere mid 50's, not that you are born on the start of the 50's.
It has it perks as you have been 16-20 when the best music from the US emerged.

Happy birthday 🤩


Thank you


Wishing you a very Happy birthday :)

Thank you!